“What the World Needs Now is Love”~

(Scarlet Macaw) “Sweet Love.” These birds have this figured out. (Please click to enlarge)
Many birds raise offspring jointly and mate for life.
(Yellow Crowned Amazon Parrot) Some of the birds at the Bloedel Conservatory in Vancouver BC are endangered in the wild.
Birds don’t wage wars and they don’t wipe out multiple species and habitats.
(Red Shouldered Macaw) Sometimes I wonder who is more highly evolved?
(Eclectus Parrot) “Imagine all the people living life in peace.”
Cheers to you from our peaceable feathered friends. We can learn a lot from them~
Lyrics Dionne Warwick, Burt Bacharach & John Lennon.

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  1. Another supposed “sign” of civilization is the keeping of animals in the prisons we call zoos and conservatories while we destroy their natural habitat. Having said that – beautiful photos, as usual.

    1. Yes, such an impossible choice, put them in a aviary because their species are dying out and their habitat is destroyed. Four species of Amazons are extinct. The San Diego Wild Animal Park has the last one remaining rhino of his species. How sad is this? At least in these two locations they have plenty of room to roam and interact with other species.

    1. Yes! I have missed you and gone looking for you several times. Of course the reader has huge gaps but I have looked at your various blogs trying to see if I have missed a post. Have I?

  2. This is the most beautiful and moving way to express “the world needs now is love”. And, we are still imagining… Spectacular photos, as always. Thank YOU, Cindy!

  3. The colors in these feathered friends are such brilliant, eye catching colors.
    I couldn’t agree with you more about civilization! The Natural World is where it’s at for me! Beautiful Cindy, absolutely beautiful! Thanks for sharing and taking my breath away!

  4. Beautiful birds, Cindy. Myself I’ve long stopped wondering which the more advanced species is. We can talk, we can write, and we can read, but that all seems just more tools of war. But enough of that, these photos are fantastic, and I thank you for sharing.

  5. I never wonder. I know. We are the only species if we all disappeared not one other species would miss us, I can’t say that about bees or worms or bison. Just us “evolved” humans. <3 Wonderful post thank you. Peace. πŸ˜€

  6. I love the shots of the birds. Perhaps they are more evolved in the things that matter because they have been at it for longer. Perhaps that gives hope to us all. Yay . Please accept a :bear:

    1. Oh I like the positive reframe Graham. Maybe we are still evolving eh? And if we don’t ruin the planet and destroy ourselves there is hope for us? I accept it and thank you as always my friend~

    1. Yes, but funnily enough the red Eclectus is a female. One of the few birds where the male is hum-drum and the female is bold and beautiful! Cheers to you my dear friend~

  7. Cindy, you never cease to amaze me. Your photos of course are wonderful, but I love that yours isn’t just a photo blog and actually strives to educate with every post. Well done. ….as usual.

  8. I love these photos! You’ve captured such warm pictures of them. And the vibrant colors are awesome! What a well-organized and thought-provoking post!

      1. If my hubby ever dumped me and the kids to live on a pond and watch beavers, I might feel differently about the whole thing, but all that aside, he really understood something deeply. To be able to set aside culture and see the bigger picture is a rare skill. And he never married, so I can’t criticize him for that! πŸ™‚ Walden is a revelation.

  9. My apologies for not visiting the WordPress site as much as I should…and missing so much. Your photos here are breathtaking in detail and so vivid! Great photography once again!

  10. You’ve really captured their personalities Cindy! I’ve been there myself in QE Park, isn’t it gorgeous. I loved seeing the birds but now you’ve brought them so much closer, thank you πŸ˜€

  11. Sweet Love…

    This song will play in my head all day, and I love it πŸ™‚ Great series of photos, and you bring their personalities to life with how crisp these shots are. Beautiful.

  12. Cindy, the world could certainly use https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yyIooiL9JCo love.
    It is wonderful how affectionate those type of birds are to their mates.
    Where we are house-sitting the Rosellas, Galahs, Cockatoos as well as others birds come for the seed I put out.
    The Galahs are the most affectionate I love to take their photo.
    You would be able to do them justice and catch all their antics.
    They are still a bit shy yet except for the Magpie family they eat mince meat out of my hand.
    It was like my old friend Andy, on the Gold Coast, had never died but moved to Canberra. _/\_

    1. You know fell head over heels for the Galahs. I didn’t know what they were and they were walking all around me! Pure heaven! The magpie family are such smart birds and very approachable with humans. Who know, maybe Andy was stopping by for a bite!! Love the clip. Thank you Jack & cheers too~

  13. Reblogged this on Spirit In Action and commented:
    Thank you Cindy! So beautiful! I always suspect anyone who classifies birds as less conscious, evolved or “ascended” than humans as a bit slow or unobservant. When we develop the ability to fly without petroleum products and technology we might be partway to catching up; -)

  14. Reblogged this on mira prabhu and commented:
    Exquisite bird shots courtesy Cindy Knoke! As she says: Birds don’t wage wars and they don’t wipe out multiple species and habitats… Sometimes I wonder who is more highly evolved?

  15. You truly deserved over 300 views and ‘likes’ on this post and all of your other ones, too, Cindy! Your parrots are gorgeous and brilliantly photographed by you! I enjoyed the idea of peace and harmony, in the lyrics and your choice of words to express your wish for love across the world.

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  17. Love these photos of such colorful birds. I am a bird lover. I hate to see birds in cages though. My husband and I feed the birds on my back deck. They come in droves and eat 20 lbs. of feed in a week.

    Many years ago I had two canaries and would let them out of their cages on Sundays for their bath time in a small bird bathtub with a mirror in the bottom. They loved it! It was a riot to watch them preen, clean and admire themselves in the water.

    They started to fight so I had to give one away. The tough one pulled feathers out of his buddy all the time. I was afraid he would kill the poor bird.

    1. I bred parakeets as a child and the mother bird tried to kill her babies. The daddy Pretty Petey tried to save them. It was too sad and educated me early on the limitations of cages. I am a bird lover too!!! <3 <3

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