Eden’s Calling You~

So step outside.
The path beckons,
leading you into the forest.
Inhale the clean mountain air.
Dip your toes into the cool, clear springs.
The air is perfumed with the scent of wild mountain roses,
and you pick some to bring back home, just a few, leaving most.
Wild artichoke are blooming everywhere.
If you were stressed when you arrived,
as you leave your heart is filled with nature’s peace.
Cheers to you from Mt. Palomar State Park~

237 thoughts on “Eden’s Calling You~

  1. The place looks so nice. I see the stream is running near the house or the cabin there. That must bring coolness to the place. How is the temperature there?

  2. I can almost feel the water and the fresh air through your stunning photos! Love these wildflowers. Thank you for sharing the beauty of nature with us, Cindy!

    1. Yes! The truth is the more time people spend enclosed indoors, the more stress, depression, and every other psychological malady, has fertile ground to move in. It is not just outdoors, but outdoors in nature, as much as you can arrange, that mixes it’ s magical elixir and helps to set you free. Hugz to you always~

  3. Cordially and joyously enchanting photos. I can’t believe my eyes. Although, they are wide open.
    The blog ist becoming popular wwww-wide

  4. These are beautiful photos! They remind me a lot of my visit to the Smokies on the 4th. I love that yours seem so super clear and crisp… even the very close, close-ups. πŸ˜€

  5. Wow! lol…it took an awfully long time to get to your comments box!! Perfectly understandable though with such a wonderful blog to explore, and this is such a beautiful place….Wolfie would be in heaven here!!

    1. I wonder how many human problems could at least be alleviated if people spent at least several hours every day out in nature? And had more vacation time like people in Europe!

      1. I’m sure they would be alleviated to some extent. It’s especially important, I firmly believe, for kids to spend unorganized time out in nature. Don’t get me started on that . . . ; )

    1. The Big Sur area is the most beautiful in California. We have been through Pfieffer as we visit Big Sur every few years and can never get enough of it. Haven’t been for a couple years now and want to go back~

      1. The thistle and the wild artichoke were also beautiful details in a peaceful setting along a creek. I enjoyed “taking this walk,” today, all over again! Smiles, Robin

  6. I sure wish I had those wild artichokes close by… we have wild rhubarb though up at our cabin site by an old railroad. We pick them in late August and September when their ripe and mix with strawberries, make jams and pies and struddles… love the stuff…. but wish I had some of those nice artichokes… I’ll assume at the right time their edible variety? beautiful area… too πŸ™‚

  7. I walked it’s path, smelled its fragrant air, got lost in moments of bliss with its sights, felt its healing crystal waters beneath my feet because you help us find its path and entrance door. Thanks for bringing Eden for so many today.

  8. We had so many artichokes on the bush in our allotment, that we couldn’t eat them all. Now there are huge artichoke “thistles” growing. They look very pretty, although totally inedible.

      1. Out of interest, how long do they last? Can they be used as dried flowers in an arrangement and, if so, do they maintain their colour? The reason I’m asking this, Cindy, is that we need some blue flowers in particular as part of some arrangements to celebrate a festival in September. Our artichoke thistles might solve a problem as there aren’t any fresh blue flowers to be found then.

      2. They last for a long time! I’m guessing but maybe up to a month in water. I don’t think they retain their color when fully dry, but it takes ages for them to fully dry, so I would suggest keeping them in a vase and seeing how they look as your festival nears. Also google drying and displaying artichokes and you will probably find people who know more than I…..good luck!

    1. Yes, whenever people are stressed they should get out in the natural world, green places, oceans, lakes. Shrinks spend so much time indoors they may not be aware of how curative this is. Basically people do better when they have regular contact with natural places~

      1. To think I was raised in a town of 1800 people, most of whom lived outside city limits. Main street didn’t even have a caution light, the highway skirted town….now, I haven’t been in the country in three years. Best to you too Cindy!

      2. It sounds like an ideal place to grow up! All I know is that everything is better with me in every way when I am regularly away from crowds, traffic, and in a natural place with plants, animals and trees for company. I like being out on the ocean too, on a boat and always have. Lakes, ponds and rivers work also. People physically and emotionally do better when they have regular experiences with nature. It is grounding and primal.

  9. I was also raised ina tiny place.My mother was a REIKI teacher. She took us with her into the forest to play and relax.
    I can never forget and I deeply wish, I could go with my mother again

    1. Reiki is amazing and so is your mother otherwise you wouldn’t miss her so much. When you go into the forest, she is there with you. She is probably always with you. As a mother this is what one strives for, to be loved and appreciated. She obviously did a very good job.

  10. Love your photographs, and would be wonderful to walk-I have trouble walking now, but still enjoy nature and do some gardening and watch the birds from my porch. Thank you for stopping by my blog and reading my poem “Oh, Little Butterfly” and 2 of my re blogs.

  11. Probably my security settings are to strong for the WordPress websites, because I do not seem to be able to find the ‘Like it’ buttons any more.
    Great photo’s.

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