Shy Beauties~

Hooded Oriole.
Acorn Woodpecker.
Most brightly plumed birds at The Holler.
They stand out.
And seem shy.
As if they sense,
they are almost too pretty.
Won’t let me get near.

Fly off with such fear.
Their beauty it seems is a burden.
Cheers to you from the Holler’s Shy Beauties~

153 thoughts on “Shy Beauties~

  1. Oh Cindy, thank you for this post. I am having a very sick day…this brought smiles immeasurable. Warms hugs. Thank you for allowing me to see through your eyes…to travel, the impact you have in my day defies description.

      1. Cindy, it was expressed from the core of my being. Thank you for healing, hugs and prayers. You’re a special soul and I wouldn’t want to miss the opportunity to tell you how you impact my life. xo

      2. So many people care for you Belinda and you have touched the souls of so many. This is why. Your kindness is radiates out into the world. Hugz to you my friend and hopes too. Lots of them~

  2. Wow awesome post! It is sad beauty can be a burden! Their gorgeous and should strut their stuff!! Tee hee! I love your nature pics! Hugz Lisa and Bear

  3. Beautiful. How do you get the woodpeckers to hold still long enough to get such a crisp shot? Mine are always running up and down the tree and the second they stop doing that of course the beak is going rat-a-tat-tat-tat non-stop. πŸ˜€

    1. I swear these two bird species are the hardest for me to photograph. As soon as I look at them they fly away!! Laughing at your perfect description of the woodpeckers…….

    1. Yes! Did you know they put acorns in car radiators? And all sorts of places where they can’t get them out, like fence posts. They can put up to 1000 acorns in one tree! Cheeky birdies….

    1. Endlessly entertaining and perfect companions! Birds are the best friends. The woodpecker was just here scrunching down to look small hoping to attack the hummingbirds who were buzzing him mercilessly!!

    1. It is very hard! It’s the lucky moments where I click fast. These guys do not want their photos taken and they are always moving away with great speed as soon as they hear a noise or catch a glimpse a me!

    1. The woodpeckers really are hilarious. If they were human we might say they suffer from OCD and have a compulsive need to store acorns. But maybe they are just smart. Preparing for a potentially acornless future!

  4. Such sweet creatures! I want to pin the hooded oriole, but no luck! “lol” This must be my techno glitch week so I will return later and try again. Take care, Cindy!

  5. What glorious captures – I love the colors in these feathered creatures – so beautifully natural (is my envy showing through and sadly green isn’t my color πŸ™ ) ! πŸ™‚

  6. I was here, looking at your exquisite birds, Cindy, and then I saw Belinda’s comments, so popped across to see her. You really do have some amazing birds at The Holler. Great shots my friend. πŸ™‚

  7. If I lived in the holler, I would never want to leave. Your bird photography and accompanying words paint a lovely picture of your world. You have an eye for capturing as well as a fast shutter speed. Got to be quick for those beauties.

  8. I admit – when I first saw a real woodpecker – I was a bit disappointed. I don’t think it looks anything like Woody Woodpecker – LOL
    Nice photos – as always! πŸ™‚

  9. Woodpeckers (Downy, Hairy, and Pilliated) are year-round residents in our forest. About half-a-dozen years ago oriales began nesting in the trees around our field. We hear them courting every spring, but see them only occasionally. They never come close enough or stay still long enough to get the camera set up. Good that you have nesting trees for the birds.

    1. Orioles and woodpeckers at The Holler are so shy! We have both Hooded and Orchard Orioles. They come to drink out of the hummingbird feeders giving me a nano-second to snag their photos. Lucky you have so many woodpeckers. They are such industrious birds!!

    1. These birds in this post are by far the most difficult for me to photograph at The Holler as they are so timid so I know exactly what you mean and it can be very frustrating!

  10. You have a marvelous eye and wonderful quickness/timing to capture these super shots! We have a woodpecker in our neighborhood. I wonder what type it is! It sounds like a machine gun!

  11. I love those nutty red-heads–like flying circus warmer-uppers, but with dignity. Those yellow birdeez feed at our hummingbird feeder!! I’ve even taken out one of the lil plastic buds so they can get their bigger beaks into the goodies. Speaking of goodies–this post is a greatie, and i really think you’ve taken on a whole new artform. They will call it Cindy Knokism…you will be discussed in classrooms in years to come. “what do you think she meant by this?” (a show of hands)

    haHA! Over the top–? no, I really think you are this good. You crown the photog thing here on the web for me, because of all these other elements you bring to the table, and at which you excel.

    1. Yes, the orioles think they are big hummingbirds and like to unbalance the feeders with their weight and guzzle away! What’s not to love? You know how much I enjoy your wonderful poetry my friend so it is definitely a case of VISA VERSA 2 U X 2 ! <3 <3

  12. Each of these “shy” birds were so detailed, that you did capture every bright and beautiful feather on them, Cindy! I enjoyed the ones that were gathered around the holes in the tree, along with the Baltimore oriole, a long way from ‘home’ of Baltimore, huh?! Smiles, Robin

  13. Oh what a marvelous variety. I so miss having the large variety of birds I had the pleasure of serving in NC. I’ll continue to put out the goods for the birds we are supposed to have in our area and pray they’ll visit someday. Unfortunately, the developer had nothing in mind except profit when he built our home. He stripped the entire development of trees. The property had once been a working farm and that makes me sad. This is the first time I’ve agreed to live in a development but when we moved here I had one thing on my mind. I knew the time had come when I needed neighbors and quality medical care close. I’ve planted all the trees our property will hold and have started on the surrounding neighbors:)

    1. Good for you! Your neighbors must love you! It’s funny we used to live in suburbia and neighbors will always bickering with the HOA. Now we live in a place where our nearest neighbor is far away and the neighbors are still bickering!!! Laughing…..I think birds make excellent neighbors!! πŸ˜‰

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