Nature’s Tonic~

Water is a healing balm,
bringing those who contemplate calm.
Essence of life.
Absence of strife.
Water is wine,
for the soul.
“While men believe in the infinite some ponds will be thought to be bottomless.” Thoreau
Cheers to you with water’s natural high~

236 thoughts on “Nature’s Tonic~

      1. Maybe two isn’t enough to entice them off of the bank they are probably hiding on. 🙂 I am always amazed by the photographers who can catch the frog’s tongue as it shoots out and wraps around a bug. Can you capture one in action for me Cindy? 🙂 –Curt

      2. They use time lapse, when I was young I helped this etymologist (bug prof) friend of my parents take photos of migrating key-hole limpets. He left me at the beach with a timer and a camera cord with instructions to click at the beeps……laughing! I actually did this for hours….sucker!!

  1. wonderful photos Cindy. I really like the first one, it has wonderful colors, composition and feel to it. You’rphotos are stirring the urge for me to get back into photography! Thanks. 🙂

    1. I am grateful that I met in cyberdom Dor! Thank you. This one is more in the serene mode too, although my son loved the mortal combat theme……laughing!!

  2. Our minds seem to relate to other, more classical artists, when imagery comes to view, Cindy. These pics are so reminiscent of Claude Monet’s “Water Lilies”, and are just as beautiful viewed from the camera’s perspective as from that of the classical artist. You have “the touch”, Cuz.

    1. Thank you! Birds in water seem so happy and I so enjoy reflections in water of things not seen directly in the photo. It confuses us about the complexity of our perceptions ie., is that “real” or a reflection? I love this~

  3. Hi there Cindy, I saw you read one of my short stories, hope you are well after reading it.Just wanted to drop by to thank you for reading. Now you know why they get constantly rejected. But still going to bother them until they run out of business 🙂

      1. I´m keeping at it that´s for sure. I love your photography, since I found this thing wordpress, poets, photographers and really a bunch of new interesting things out there for me to learn about, but photography along with poetry is one of the two things I´ve discovered and poetry I sort of try to make it similar to a real poem, but photography is a technique that it still escapes me. Love seeing it, but I can´t imagine taking those types of pictures. Not for now at least but you people(photographers) have got me interested in it now. Sort off after reading so many poems I decided to take a shot at it and now it´s addictive, same is happening with photography. So your fault for my addiction, actually is good, a healthy addiction 🙂

      2. Yes blogging is fantastic because you get to interact and make friends with amazing, talented, supportive people from all over the world. Their encouragement helps your creativity florish and their frienship enhances your life. It is simply a wonderful, talented community to be a part of and I am glad you have joined in!!! Cheers to you and thank you~

      1. I don’t have any bulls, but I’ve got some shy frogs, and poison ivy. We do have a stretch that we mow right to the creek. And this afternoon around three I saw a young buck cross… but that’s my daily for tomorrow 🙂

  4. If I just spent a little more time and effort, could I produce shots like these, Cindy? I’m pretty darn sure I couldn’t. They’re fabulous! 🙂

  5. Look at this beautiful post and the faults are such lovely contributions to the terrain, Cindy! You have talent and show different views of scenery, leaving me breathless! I am proud that you have managed to get over 300 likes! Wow! You go, girl! Happy 4th of July to you and yours! Smiles, Robin

    1. Oops! I was scrolling and didn’t look where I ‘landed’ and this comment was meant to go with your California faults post! Sorry, Cindy! This post is serene, lovely and enchanting! Smiles, Robin

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