Rikki Tikki Tavi….


is alive and well on St Croix!


And so is his buddy Gus the Gecko!


St Croix is beautiful on the empty north shore except for the geckos, mongoose, iguanas and crabs. My kinda folks! You remember Rudyard’s Rikki?

He saved his human family from the evil cobra Nagaina!
Well Rikki is living under our bungalow, protecting us, and he is cute as a button!

Beautiful tropical flowers are everywhere!

The only thing they don’t have here is speedy WiFi, so please excuse me for not being able to follow and comment on your blogs as much as I would like too! DSC01206
Check out my office though, it does have some distinct benefits….
Cheers to you from swinging St Croix!

127 thoughts on “Rikki Tikki Tavi….

      1. Yes, I noticed you mentioned Nagin, the feminine word for Naga, the snake.

        Happy Horse Year, Cindy!
        It’s happening tonight at 11:00 PM! (less than an hour in my timezone)

  1. Rikki was one of my favorite as this animal hated snakes as badly as I do!! Meg I believe that was the name of the cobra. Haunted me for years.lol. This was beautiful Cindy as usual you have us longing to lay in a hammock & feel the breeze while taking in the exotic flowers & funny wildlife!! Your unbelievable!!

  2. I think that hammock has my name on it, Cindy. The pictures are great…, and where else would a mongoose retire…, warm, sunny, beautiful views. Maybe I missed my calling. I should have come back as a mongoose !!! …especially this winter. Hugs, and enjoy your trip!

  3. Aaaah the mongoose, one of my favorites… witnessed them in the wild playing with a cape cobra… lightening fast they are too, didn’t kill it just made sure it turned around and moved away from their young’s den…

  4. We have Heliconia in the garden but our Hibiscus is not as fancy as that one.
    Those hammocks are good you have seen Pauline and me in our hammock.
    Not together in the hammock or in our hammock in the same post.
    Tell Jim that would be rocking the boat as ther say.

    1. Jim says he wants to see you together in the hammock (actually I made that up!) I want too….But who would snap the shot!! The only problem with sharing a hammock is it can be quite a let down (literally) when one’s partner exists the hammock abruptly!!! Don’t try this at home……Laughing……

      1. Sorry but no way will you see that.
        As I said I don’t bounce any more.
        I was riding my bike this morning and could hear my bones creaking, I think I need oiling.
        No I am wearing out not rusting out. ๐Ÿ™‚

      2. Jim just got in the hammock today and said, “there’s something wrong with it….the position was wrong, it wasn’t comfortable…..” Laughing…..I did not clarify that it may well be the aging bones not the hammock!! I thought that was what we were supposed to do in our later years…..swing in a hammock! Laughing more….oh well, it works for me. Tomorrow we are doing a major hike up into the rain forest and then down to swim in some huge tidal pools……I’ll let you know what my bones & muscles say about this!!!

    1. Yes, I will save it for you and can’t wait until you arrive……The fisherman just brought in the most amazing mahi mahi, 25 pounders! So beautiful and sad they were caught, but my they taste divine!

  5. The mongoose has such a cute mischievous face. It makes me smile, as do other similar creatures like the squirrel and meerkat. Gorgeous photos as always, Cindy! That first flower is stunning!

  6. How beautiful and serene! A great place to be while Winter is going on here in the states! I do remember the Rikki Tikki Ravi storygrowing up — how neat that you’re living it firsthand! So glad you are having a great time, Cindy, and enjoy the warmth!

  7. You did not go to the Islands to read blogs, I hope! Also, you should be far enough south to avoid the snow/ice/freeze that has made its way down to the Gulf Coast and Georgia boarder.

  8. My mom used to read Rikki Tikki Tavi, it was quite an interesting way to learn about animals and poetry, too. Rudyard Kipling sure did know how to make a different kind of lesson out of so many things. I will always enjoy his original stories, too! This had lovely photos and wish I were there! Smiles, Robin

  9. We only had a few hours on this island…I think it was one of the stops a few years ago on an anniversary cruise. Would be nice to not have a crowd around. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Cute little guy. And his friends too!

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