Life’s A Beach~

At least in the Caribbean it is! Please click to enlarge and check out the beautiful beaches of San Juan Puerto Rico~



And St Croix…..

DSC01181 (1)



I grew up by the ocean, and get alarmed sometimes at the risks some people take. Look closely in the above shot for the two people standing on the rocks…YIKES!



And last, but surely not least, Tortola!


I know it is important to stay out of the sun, but this man’s castle seemed a bit pinched. Still, a man’s beach-castle is never the less his castle and nothing to be trifled with, besides, maybe this was for his kid? I didn’t see the kid though……

Laughing and sending sun, sand, and silliness, your way from the sunny (but buggy) Caribbean! Even paradise ain’t perfect after all, and I have the no-see-um bites to prove it! Cheers and sunshine to you~

148 thoughts on “Life’s A Beach~

  1. On the first photograph it looks like there is not much (nice sandy) beach to be found, but having a closer look at the other lovely photographs, there seems to be little heaven over there, hidden for us if you did not captured it and shared it with us. Thanks.


    • Thank you so much! I was just over at your blog and am still reeling over the blogger who stole your work and posted it as her own. Can you imagine the dearth of self esteem? How does their thinking process go? “I have no talent, so I will steal from someone who does and take the praise intended for her?”
      How utterly self destroying.
      Not to mention awful for you. So sorry~


    • I finally am moving to get blogs I love (yours for ex.) to appear in my email. Such a huge relief, no longer dependent on the flaky reader……Possibly this is related? I’m just glad it’s working. Cheers my friend~


  2. Cindy, Wow those are some great looking spots, and being honest I am not much for the beach. But put me in a condo overlooking these places I would be quite happy. Please take care, Bill

    ps — you have stopped and visited my blog again and liked one of my posts I do appreciate your time. Take care


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