Ride, Ride Like the Wind: Puerto Rican Style!

Puerto Rico is so beautiful! Please click to enlarge!

DSC01101 (1)
The waves aren’t big by Hawaiian or West Coast standards but there is still plenty of fun under the Puerto Rican sun!

DSC01057 (1)

The colors are ethereal!


Plus the water is warm and the wind stiff so the conditions are perfect!

DSC01096 (1)

Crystal waters, blue skies and white sand beaches~

DSC01094 (1)
You can ride with the wind!

DSC01085 (1)

Or just float

DSC01037 (1)
There is nothing to stop you from going for a flight……unless of course, like me, you’d rather take some photos and keep your tooties on the sand and in the sea!!
DSC01088 (1)

Pease excuse my inability to stay on top of your posts, there are way too many distractions here! Next stop, St. Croix, but until then cheers to you from Puerto Rico and hope all is going very well with you!

114 thoughts on “Ride, Ride Like the Wind: Puerto Rican Style!

  1. Again, Cindy, I found myself wowing. Oh, how I would LOVE to be in Puerto Rica! The colors are amazing! And that water, what a draw! Dear God, why WHY do I live where it snows? So not me! I am beach and sun and sand. (sigh) At least I can live through your pictures. 🙂

    1. Oh, wish I could teleport you here! I love the Latin Caribbean mix of Puerto Rico and the fabulous Puerto Rican food and you are right, the beaches don’t hurt either!! Cheers to you~

  2. Cindy, I love Puerto Rico! Matthew and I are planning a trip there next year. I was only there for a day, several years ago; but I can’t wait to get back. Enjoy the rest of your tropical time! Love & Light, S

    1. Yes we experienced the cold in Atlanta, and here it is hitting again…..at our Holler it is the worst drought in recorded history, orchards are dead by the thousands and fire risk extreme, so, we went to the Caribbean~

  3. Wonderful shots and my first thought was ” Where do they get the courage?” “What if the get stuck in the parashute?” Then I answered myself immideately “Well they are men and women . well fit – who dares to enjoy all elements of life. And probably younger than me.
    My second thought was “My boys would love to be at that beach and participate!!”
    And the following third thougth was meanwhile scrolling down the post….”Where did Cindy put the tickets to Puerto Rico?”…

    I have a wishlist for travelling,(iceland – to see the Icelandic horses in nature, Greenland to experience one of most quiet places on earth, Alaska to meet the wilderness). I probably never go to any of those places in real life. But it’s like all dreams. Ypu feel alive to have them.

    Thanks to you and your pictures and descriptions I have added following places to my travel wishlist
    the free range horses of Patagonia, Argentina
    The old trees in Sequoia National Park,
    to visit Harrys Hawks and now the beaches in Puerto Rico.
    And the best thing is I have some really great travelling tips to my boys when they get grown up and are thinking of places to visit.

    All the best to you!

    1. Oh the best place to plan your travel is in your imagination! You are already there when you start this.
      Compiling the list is step two. And you are already here.
      Where do I wish I could go? Go to these places and imagine them when you want to relax. It is incredibly powerful stress reduction. It retrains the negative/stress circuitry in your brain.
      It’s not the goal, but after some time you will book your first trip. You will do there what is comfortable.
      Then the rest is history.
      You are free and all the tools you need are inside your own head.
      Start by imagining places to go in your mind.
      Let me know how this goes. I want to imagine you limitless in your own mind.
      Cheers, respect and admiration!
      Oh an hugz more than anything~

      1. Thank you Cindy! It’s monday morning and I’m nervous because of the pressure at my new job. To read your comment this moning. mesnt so much for me! ! I will put the morningcoffe on. My boys are still sleeping, and I will imagine myself at Iceland. standing beside my pony, ready to take a ride and explore the country. Thank you for being out there with your kindness and friendship.
        I send you a big hug back

  4. Almost feel it! Great fro a nice vacation on this time of the year too!

    Hi, since you were following the Blog Migration-X3, I take the liberty to leave you this message to inform you that Migration-X3 has been deleted. From now on, the same Blog and its content have the name of D.A. Lavoie, and the address is: http://dalavoie.wordpress.com . So I ask you to take note of this and it will be a real pleasure to greet you there! Have a nice day, D.A. Lavoie.

  5. They are great photos of Jim wind surfing. 😉
    I would love to give it a go but have lost my bounce.
    StillI I do have a ball, so to speak.
    The photos in the butterfly post are fantastic.

  6. The endless blue azure skies meeting the chaotic, waves filled waters makes me yearn to get away from this cold, bitter place we call Ohio! Thanks for the views! Smiles, Robin

    1. Well there are empty hammocks here that would love to meet you!!! I hope it warms up where you are very soon & I hope it rains at The Holler, worst, most dangerous drought on record at home……pretty scary really. Stay warm…..

  7. Well caught – we have many kite surfers on Hayling and I find them difficult to take as there is such a gap between the surfer and the kite but your viewpoint has worked. No drought here – raining nearly every day

  8. That looks like a riot. My Ex and his partner ran a Parasailing business in BC for a few years. I’ve never quite had the trust in others that I did in them so never go on holidays, but it looks fun. Did you try it?

    1. 1000 light years ago, I was in Mazatlan and saw this activity for the first time. The heavy set woman partaking of the sport was dragged through a palm tree……so, Nope never done it, never ever wanted too either!!!

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