Ride, Ride Like the Wind: Puerto Rican Style!

Puerto Rico is so beautiful! Please click to enlarge!

DSC01101 (1)
The waves aren’t big by Hawaiian or West Coast standards but there is still plenty of fun under the Puerto Rican sun!

DSC01057 (1)

The colors are ethereal!


Plus the water is warm and the wind stiff so the conditions are perfect!

DSC01096 (1)

Crystal waters, blue skies and white sand beaches~

DSC01094 (1)
You can ride with the wind!

DSC01085 (1)

Or just float

DSC01037 (1)
There is nothing to stop you from going for a flight……unless of course, like me, you’d rather take some photos and keep your tooties on the sand and in the sea!!
DSC01088 (1)

Pease excuse my inability to stay on top of your posts, there are way too many distractions here! Next stop, St. Croix, but until then cheers to you from Puerto Rico and hope all is going very well with you!

114 thoughts on “Ride, Ride Like the Wind: Puerto Rican Style!

  1. I really would have volunteered to carry your camera! I am in awe of the beauty and colors of the photos! Well done my friend – great captures!


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