Through the Glass Darkly: Holler Sunset Tonite!


The sunsets at The Holler can be remarkable! (Please click to enlarge for optimal viewing).


But I never thought of shooting the reflection off the windows.


And even through the windows.


Outside, looking in.

The effect seemed almost amplified.

The Holler, part of the sunset.


Of course the sunset, by itself requires no amplification!


Cheers to you and hope you take time to marvel at our setting sun!

132 thoughts on “Through the Glass Darkly: Holler Sunset Tonite!

  1. That’s a clever idea, and very beautiful! I’ve never thought of that either. I’ll have to try that next time there’s a sunset. But I may be waiting a while – pink ones like that don’t appear too often where I am! 🙂


  2. Liebe Cindy das sind ja schöne Abendrot Bilder super fotografiert einfach nur schön einen schönen Mittwoch und eine frohe glückliche Vorweihnachtszeit das wünscht dir Klaus


  3. Unbelievably gorgeous, and a brilliant idea to shoot the reflection in the windows!

    I do stop to marvel at the sunset often, but rarely do we see ones as beautiful as this.

    Cheers to you capturing it!


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