All Dressed Up & Lots of Places to Go!


Please click to enlarge. I think this Curl-crested Aracari’s date should spring for a good restaurant!


I don’t know about you, but if I spend this much time getting ready, I like to go to a really nice place. Have you ever seen such nice curls on a Toucan before?


I would think only the very best Amazon Basin fruit tree would do!


Plus, I can sort of tell it’s expected……

Cheers to you from Owen’s Aviary, San Diego Zoo!

143 thoughts on “All Dressed Up & Lots of Places to Go!

    1. You are completely right! It was his sociable, endearing personality, that drew my attention to him. I was going to omit the last photo, until I realized that is the one that shows his personality. Thanks for noticing~

    1. Oh the hair, hair, hair, I wish people would stop rubbing it in! Just because I have tried and failed to get this hairdo for my entire life! It is so discouraging! And he just flies around with it!

    1. Awww. You just made my day! No one else would make the fool out of themself that I willingly do with a camera…you should see how ridiculous I look, especially running after birds!

  1. oh my, what a spectacular fellow!!! love the colors and the top of his head is awesome…in a couple of photos it looks as though the beak is cracked along the edge???

    1. This is comment in the parrot and toucan family……it is a type of peeling and can be caused by nutritional deficits, he probably is overdosing on mangoes and ignoring his leafy greens….or something!

    1. I am perfectly jazzed to introduce you then! I confess to having never seen one quite like this dapper & debonair dude! I did see regular Toucans flying in flocks in The Amazon. They looked rather comical with these hug proboscis’s getting in their way!

  2. Too stunning for words, Cindy. Audubon would have been proud of you (and jealous of your camera). I’ve seen crests, horns, long slender tails, but don’t think I’ve ever seen a curly top !!!
    Beautiful pics – great detail & color, Cuz.

    1. I am sure he does! Laughing. In the bird kingdom, it is the males who dress up to impress the females. The females are silent judges, picking what they choose. Sort of a refreshing difference. Stay safe and well my friend დ

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