All Dressed Up & Lots of Places to Go!


Please click to enlarge. I think this Curl-crested Aracari’s date should spring for a good restaurant!


I don’t know about you, but if I spend this much time getting ready, I like to go to a really nice place. Have you ever seen such nice curls on a Toucan before?


I would think only the very best Amazon Basin fruit tree would do!


Plus, I can sort of tell it’s expected……

Cheers to you from Owen’s Aviary, San Diego Zoo!

143 thoughts on “All Dressed Up & Lots of Places to Go!

    • I am sure he does! Laughing. In the bird kingdom, it is the males who dress up to impress the females. The females are silent judges, picking what they choose. Sort of a refreshing difference. Stay safe and well my friend แƒ“

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