Through the Glass Darkly: Holler Sunset Tonite!


The sunsets at The Holler can be remarkable! (Please click to enlarge for optimal viewing).


But I never thought of shooting the reflection off the windows.


And even through the windows.


Outside, looking in.

The effect seemed almost amplified.

The Holler, part of the sunset.


Of course the sunset, by itself requires no amplification!


Cheers to you and hope you take time to marvel at our setting sun!

132 thoughts on “Through the Glass Darkly: Holler Sunset Tonite!

  1. Exquisite – these beautiful sunsets always leave me feeling like the richest woman in the world, so full of abundance and satisfaction and peacefulness. The window reflections truly added another dimension to the rich sunset colors.

  2. We’ve had some sunsets like that in Knoxville lately, but I haven’t been able to photograph them. Friends post their pics on Facebook, so I get to see them. Yours are great, by the way!

    1. For some reason we have amazing sunsets at The Holler. The only I have seen to rival were in Patagonia and the south seas. We are on a hill, surrounded by a valley, ringed with mountains, looking towards the sea. The topography has much to do with it I think, but thank you!

      1. What wonderful days of beauty. I am thinking about taking my kids to Banff this summer. I showed them your pictures and they were very excited. Can you recommend anywhere good for families? Warmly, Brenda

      2. Hi Brenda,
        I loved, loved these cabins in Banff near Lake Louise on a wildlife corridor. Charm and comfort is theirs!
        I also loved this place in Jasper National Park.
        It would make sense to go to both national parks since they are close together and fabulous. Go to tripadvisor and check out other options. We also stayed at the Fairmonts, but they don’t seem family oriented.
        Hope you go and post about it!!

  3. Red sky in the evening! The fishermen will return with lots of fresh shrimps/ prawns tomorrow! 😀
    (That’s what our local superstitious housewives say! L-O-L! Sometimes I feel, talk or think like one of them! Ha ha ha ha ha!)

      1. It could be done off the lake when the ice is gone, if the conditions were right…but it couldn’t be done on the ice right now as the surface is very rough and covered in snow…

  4. By the fifth picture, the structure looks like a stencil, just mesmerizing. The whole post goes from 3-D photography to a two dimensional painting. Truly beautiful. You are a great talent! The red of the sky in the last shot just holds me still!

    1. You are very kind. The sunsets at The Holler are often breathtaking and it was pure chance that I noticed the reflection in the windows and decided to go far it. Your words are beyond encouraging. Thank you so much my friend~

    1. I do not know this for a fact, but I suspect it is a cell tower, camaflouged as a palm tree. We are in a huge bowl valley-here, ringed by coastal mountains, and there is one of these monster palms to the north, east and west on the ridge-lines. Great perception btb!

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  6. That’s a clever idea, and very beautiful! I’ve never thought of that either. I’ll have to try that next time there’s a sunset. But I may be waiting a while – pink ones like that don’t appear too often where I am! 🙂

  7. Liebe Cindy das sind ja schöne Abendrot Bilder super fotografiert einfach nur schön einen schönen Mittwoch und eine frohe glückliche Vorweihnachtszeit das wünscht dir Klaus

  8. Unbelievably gorgeous, and a brilliant idea to shoot the reflection in the windows!

    I do stop to marvel at the sunset often, but rarely do we see ones as beautiful as this.

    Cheers to you capturing it!

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