Purple Mountains Majesty~


Canada’s glorious mountains (please click to enlarge).
What type of scenery do you most like to look at? If you built your dream home, what would the view be of?

Most people say either the ocean or mountains.


But some enjoy a cityscape, or the quiet expanse of an empty prairie . Some prefer the rolling hills of rural life, or the ordered borders of farming country. Some must look on pine forests, or desert hues, and others on a tropical sea. How about you? What do you prefer?

I have always built my ideal home in my mind as a way to relax and manage stress. It helps to visit there when one is tense. I did this both times I had surgery and each time I was able to sail away from the hospital room and into my sanctuary. Much like a bucket list it also helps to focus your attention on what you really want in life.

I guess it is not a surprise that I ended up moving to a place that is similar to what I always imagined. And just like a bucket list, when you achieve one dream, you can always add more! Now I imagine a different type of place when I wish to escape.

I love the empty rolling hills of Holler life. I love our stream and sunsets, and our wild ones. I wouldn’t trade them.
But, now I go to the mountains in my mind.
I crave the peaks filled with snow, and the smell of pine and the pine needles crunching underfoot. I miss the forest creatures, and a glimpse of bears or wolves.


So now, when I wish to relax, I build a cabin in the woods, amidst the pines and peaks, and enjoy my visits there.
I hope you spend time with your dreams.
Who knows, they may just come true!
Cheers to you from The Holler~

112 thoughts on “Purple Mountains Majesty~

  1. OK…, it would be the house I have now, with the Gulf beach view from the front exposure, the mountains in the rear of the home, with the desert view from the dining room windows, and a pine forest visible from the bedroom. I know…, but you said “dream home” didn’t you? Your pics of the Canadian Rockies are just stunning, Cindy. They make me long for the beautiful views and the fresh, clean air (and the trout fishing). Hugs.

  2. my dream home would definitly be on the beach somewhere…but you know these photos of the mountains are so breath taking…would be peaceful to live in such a place…enjoy Cindy!

  3. I like to say I was raised on a beach (well maybe 15 minutes away) and I love the seashore, but now I live in a valley between two mountain ranges. I crave the ocean walks and views, but when I go to the beach I crave the peaceful beauty of a mountain valley. Perhaps I am living my dream. Your post is wonderful as always and as always makes me think.

  4. Absolutely amazing. I have started a folder for background themes on my PC, entitled Cindy’s Pics. Thank you. My background at the moment is the fourth one down from the top.

  5. Beautiful! My dream place in on the beach in either Mexico or Hawaii….but I’d also have a little getaway in a San Francisco apartment where the cable cars passed by out front…ding, ding.

  6. I like your dream home of the mind! I think I would like to have a view of water but most especially a view of the sea. My dentist used to have a scene of a very busy French street on the ceiling above the patient’s chair. I got to know that scene rather well! It was distracting and calming.

  7. Masterpiece after masterpiece! “Spend time with your dreams,” lovely words you leave us with, so simple and in these busy times can be so remote, but worth the journey. Always inspiring Cindy!

  8. As soon as we can afford it, my husband and I will be pulling our house behind us (trailer) and looking at every single view we’ve ever thought of to see from our picture window! For now, I enjoy your photos and use them as inspiration for places to

  9. I love the color of the water! Everything there looks so fresh and crisp! I know my Boo Bear would love to visit there too!! Hugz Lisa and Bear

  10. My Dream house would be at the ocean. I love the crashing waves, the unknown treasures one might find on a walk, the wildlife, and it wouldn’t matter what time of year, I love all the seasons at the ocean. However, this place that you photographed so well, that would do to in a pinch! Absolutely beautiful!!! Tracy

  11. Stunning photos. I’m lucky enough to live on 7 acres with 360 views of trees, mountains and plenty of wildlife… just no rivers or lakes. This world is a beautiful place though and I occasionally wonder about life next to the ocean.

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  13. I LOVE your photos! ๐Ÿ˜€
    They make me imagine a wonderland in which all the fantastic creature dwell. The unicorns, the fairies and the elves (like the one in Lord of the Rings)!

    I have always been a “mountain person” (strangely, most of my friends are “sea people”! Ha ha ha).
    I love green hills, pine trees, small rivers, foxes and raccoons (but most of my past vacations involved the beach and lots of anti-sunburn lotion! L-O-L!).

    1. I know that you are right Hari, because when you told me you thought there fairies in the snowy mountains I was sure you were right and thougt it before you said it. I think there are unicorns and elves and other magical creatures here too, but they don’t like to have their pictures taken!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you Hari & cheers to you~

  14. Amazing mountains! ๐Ÿ™‚ That’s something I’ve never seen in real life, I’d love to see a mountain one day. I love the sunlight on them too, really makes them glow and come alive in the picture!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  15. Cindy, you are such a brilliant artist. Funny enough, every time I leave your site, I feel as though I’ve seen life as beautiful as it can be. Yet everytime I come back, you prove me wrong! As artists, my daughter & I have the privilege to see art 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Those artists just starting out; & those who have mastered their craft. Your art is one of true mastery~And you have rapidly become one of my favorite photographers. Your knowledge of beauty & seeing life in it’s most epic & richest of forms…..well, I’m only grateful that we can come along for the ride and see through your eyes! Thank you Cindy for your art; for what you give back to the art community. For allowing us to see just how blessed we are to walk this earth & enjoy this majestic beauty!

    1. Oh, well, you made me cry. These words are thoughtful and beautiful and incredibly kind and they have created a lasting impression. With sincere gratitude and love, thank you, both!

  16. Let’s see… Of course, I’d love to have a home within a bike ride of the beach. Interestingly enough, I also love a big city! Chicago, New York, and San Francisco all sound ideal to me & each one has lovely beaches to choose from.

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