Purple Mountains Majesty~


Canada’s glorious mountains (please click to enlarge).
What type of scenery do you most like to look at? If you built your dream home, what would the view be of?

Most people say either the ocean or mountains.


But some enjoy a cityscape, or the quiet expanse of an empty prairie . Some prefer the rolling hills of rural life, or the ordered borders of farming country. Some must look on pine forests, or desert hues, and others on a tropical sea. How about you? What do you prefer?

I have always built my ideal home in my mind as a way to relax and manage stress. It helps to visit there when one is tense. I did this both times I had surgery and each time I was able to sail away from the hospital room and into my sanctuary. Much like a bucket list it also helps to focus your attention on what you really want in life.

I guess it is not a surprise that I ended up moving to a place that is similar to what I always imagined. And just like a bucket list, when you achieve one dream, you can always add more! Now I imagine a different type of place when I wish to escape.

I love the empty rolling hills of Holler life. I love our stream and sunsets, and our wild ones. I wouldn’t trade them.
But, now I go to the mountains in my mind.
I crave the peaks filled with snow, and the smell of pine and the pine needles crunching underfoot. I miss the forest creatures, and a glimpse of bears or wolves.


So now, when I wish to relax, I build a cabin in the woods, amidst the pines and peaks, and enjoy my visits there.
I hope you spend time with your dreams.
Who knows, they may just come true!
Cheers to you from The Holler~