Natures Jewels!

These are my favorite jewels! (Click to enlarge).


Whenever I go on a trip, I worry about the hummingbirds.

I am always relieved to find them hale, hearty, and bickersome!


How long can I force myself to go without posting about The Holler Hummingbirds?


Just about as long as my trip!

I can’t resist them!

Can you?


Cheers to you from all The Holler Hummers (and their dutiful human!)

122 thoughts on “Natures Jewels!

  1. Oh these are definitely jewels! Our hummers have left for the season. I have heard they travel all the way from here in Virginia to Venezuela. So my feeders are down. Seeing yours with all that activity is quite a treat! Thanks.

  2. OMG ! Hummingbirds ! We have 5 feeders at home, and how in the world did you get close to the hummingbird. I tried getting a bit close to take a photo as the hummingbird was feeding, but it buzzed me over the head ! LOL

  3. I’m glad I’m not the only one. I put our hummingbird feeder back up, and then of course I can’t resist getting out the camera. They are just too beautiful and interesting to resist.

  4. Everyone can always use another picture of hummingbirds. Will have to post a pic of a painting I did several years back. Getting cold here, Cuz. Stay warm out there in the “holler”.

  5. They really are natures jewels and the photos are gems. But the bugs did not bug me they are also perfect examples of natures diversity. When Fall Fell it was colourful and I enjoyed that as well as the way you use words. Thanks.

  6. Beautiful photo’s Cindy. I sure enjoyed watching the hummers in Alys’s garden but they didn’t share the feeder. One bully chased the little ones away. I was telling him, “awwww, don’t be like that…you can share”..HA

    1. Most of it is bluff. They spar and then settle down when they are really hungry and share. I have seen and heard them make body slams mid-air though so they can be lethal~

  7. They are irresistible. I have the same worry as you because I forgot to leave a note to the neighbour to change the water feeder while I am away for 15 days. Darn, I hate to see them get the fungus from the water.

        1. Yes!! If you wear flower covered clothing they love it!! The times they have landed on me I was wearing a flower embroidered Mexican dress that I wear around the house!! Quite perceptive of you to intuit this~

  8. They are jewels indeed! We still have some visiting on their way south. They keep me busy making sugar water for them and I feel guilty if a feeder goes dry. Ours are very plain compared to yours. The ruby-throated do have the flash of red. Great shots!

  9. In Indonesia, Hummingbird is called as “burung madu” and “Kolibri”.
    The first one means “honey bird”.
    The second one, Kolibri, came from an extinct indigenous language of the French Caribbean colonies (According to Wikipedia). It makes me think of the hummingbirds as some mythical creatures from the ancient world! 😀

    1. They were also sacred in Mayan and Aztec cultures as bringers of wisdom. They carved a massive hummingbird into rock that can only be seen from nearby mountains. Fascinating about their meanings in Indonesia! I can well understand these beliefs. They are miraculous and intelligent creatures. Thank you Hari, so interesting~

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    Absolutely!! I cannot resist the wonder of these little birds as they squabble over territory,, they send their scouts out to look for food and when they find it they bring the rest of the clan with them.. I purposely grew the type of vine that they love for nectar so that they would have natures best, As the cooler weather comes upon us even in the south there are still some blooms but not many and these little guys will be flying back to a warmer climate, stopping along the way to gather nectar from those last blooms along the way. Thank you Cindy your photography is awesome!

  11. Awesome awesome Hummingbird pics! I have nominated your for the Liebster award! Please go to my blog post for the info. You always brighten my day and I love your blog! Hugz Lisa and Bear

  12. These are absolutely gorgeous! It really does seem that no matter how many times you spot a hummingbird, it’s just as mesmerizing as the first time!

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