71 thoughts on “To Glimpse the Great!

    • Yes, I do too. I had a friend who had two Mexican Timber Wolves and met some people on this trip who run a wolf sanctuary in upstate New York. So glad we share a love of this incredible animal & thank you Sahm (and Blu) for everything!


    • Yes, saving the wolves is a huge priority. Someone shot the alpha female we watched hunt in Yellowstone last year. This must stop!!! There are too many guns in the US! Thank you for your support & kind words~


      • Yes I know about the killing of the Alpha wolf 😦 I have many friends on my Facebook along with my self who advocate for saving the wolves. 🙂 Your picture was absolutely beautiful. People are the killers my friend. The gun is just one of the many tools for the evil of man. But mankind are the killers. The gun is what people blame. Taking the blame from the true killers- man. If they do not have guns!!! They will find another way to kill. But behind it all is still man. Peace my friend


  1. Amazing photos as always! Such great portraits of these magnificent creatures. My favourite is the buffalo in the third picture – what’s in the frame, the angle, the eyes, the colours and textures: just gorgeous!


  2. Great photos of animal roaming the lands & soaring the skies.
    I especially like the 1st & 3rd photos. Close-ups of people & animals always draw me in.I think it’s the eyes – the look.


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