Walking in a Winter Wonderland!

Up High on Mt. Revelstoke! What a difference a little elevation makes. Jim strolling along, temperature one degree celsius…..
The Ranger going to retrieve Jim (Jim is the black spot in the distance) to tell him the final peak ascent at Mt. Revelstoke is now closed to pedestrian traffic due to weather.
Yep, these are color shots, see the sign! Normally we like to take Forest Service Roads because they tend to have lots of critters and not many people (don’t tell anyone) but today we decided to stick to the main roads cuz the weather was a bit iffy…….
Down at lower elevations, the scenes couldn’t be more different.


Mt. Revelstoke National Park has three specific eco-systems: inland temperate rainforests full of amphibians and skunk cabbage, Snow Alpine Forests, and the Taiga Cordillera.
Quite amazing to experience them all at once and quite the eye candy!

Hard to imagine that it is draught conditions at home at The Holler, 88 degrees farenheit, hot and dry, with Santa Ana Winds, and high risk of fire. (Click on photo to enlarge).

Cheers to you from Mt. Revelstoke National Park.