The Snow Sheep of September!


It’s snowing in the altitudes near Golden, British Columbia Canada. And there are sheep high up in these peaks!


Here’s a sense of the September snow.



The Ewe Mountain Sheep and her two lambs were very high up in the crags of the peaks, jumping around. You can see the snow falling. It was 3 degrees centigrade. Here is a sense of the the height perspective. Look carefully and you can pick out the sheep family.
And here are some more shots of these stunners!



Please excuse me for not being able to respond well now. Internet is getting dicey as we move towards Revelstoke NP. I look forward to catching up with you soon!
Cheers to you from just past Golden, British Columbia, Canada!

65 thoughts on “The Snow Sheep of September!

  1. And this is where the phrase “as nimble as a goat” comes from. Quick, light and agile on their feet, that they are those goats.

    Great pics again Cindy! And this is where I can truly say I don’t miss the snow. 🙂

  2. Going along the AlCan Highway back in the 60s I remember having seen the sheep on the side of the mountains…thanks for reminding me of that wonderful feeling that I lived back then! 😉

  3. I am amazed by these gentle looking animal. Their fur does not look thick to withstand the cold weather up high in the mountain. Their feet do not look like they suitable to be on the ledge as such. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Home too soon!! I love it up here! And yes, I only get glimpses, often through telephoto, of these wondeful wild creatures. I wish I had magical powers and fly above them and watch them for hours!!! Cheers & best to you Eunice~

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