Walking in a Winter Wonderland!

Up High on Mt. Revelstoke! What a difference a little elevation makes. Jim strolling along, temperature one degree celsius…..
The Ranger going to retrieve Jim (Jim is the black spot in the distance) to tell him the final peak ascent at Mt. Revelstoke is now closed to pedestrian traffic due to weather.
Yep, these are color shots, see the sign! Normally we like to take Forest Service Roads because they tend to have lots of critters and not many people (don’t tell anyone) but today we decided to stick to the main roads cuz the weather was a bit iffy…….
Down at lower elevations, the scenes couldn’t be more different.


Mt. Revelstoke National Park has three specific eco-systems: inland temperate rainforests full of amphibians and skunk cabbage, Snow Alpine Forests, and the Taiga Cordillera.
Quite amazing to experience them all at once and quite the eye candy!

Hard to imagine that it is draught conditions at home at The Holler, 88 degrees farenheit, hot and dry, with Santa Ana Winds, and high risk of fire. (Click on photo to enlarge).

Cheers to you from Mt. Revelstoke National Park.

123 thoughts on “Walking in a Winter Wonderland!

  1. These remind me of Maui. I think there are four eco-systems on the island. Autumn just started. I haven’t turned on my heat yet!!!

    Thanks for all your visits. I really enjoy your photos!

  2. Beautiful pics. I love the colors there. Wow 88 deg at the Hollar sounds awesome. Hopefully wildfires stay away. Its 60 deg here and rainy stormy weather. Quite a bit of winds. Have a safe wonderful time. Huh Lisa and Bear

  3. Judy S.

    Cindy; I agree with Wally. You should publish a travel book. Your writing and photography is fabulous! These are breathtaking : )

  4. I love the Forest Service roads too! And the Forest Service camps. If you are ever up in my neck of the woods, you really need to visit Twin Falls and Glacier Gulch, near Smithers. Great shots Cindy, and as always, great narrative.

  5. It is truly a wonderland!
    The first three photos made me imagine things. A snow fairy peeking from behind the trees, the white deers playing in the mist and other fantastic things once I read in the story books. πŸ˜€

    1. You write phenomonally Hari! And I agree with you, there were fairies hiding behind those trees, and other magical creatures! That is why we wanted to keep climbing! Cheers to you my friend~

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  7. That’s incredible, how different the same place is in different elevations. This Mt. Revelstoke place gets revealed to be more and more amazing with every one of your posts! Thanks so much for sharing all these pictures of it, Cindy.

        1. The fall colours in Canada are magnificent, you will get to experience the drama of Mother Nature in all her glory =^_^= will you be coming east?

      1. We were in Quebec City, Montreal and a cabin in the north woods two years ago. I posted about it. We fell in love with the cities and their incredible food, and the indescribable beauty of the Quebec wilderness. On the west coast we hung out with the grizzlies and orcas in the Knight Inlet and are going back there in the spring. You could say I kinda like Canada!! LOL~

        1. Quebec is one of my favourtie provinces, I also loved Newfoundland when I went. I’d love to go back to see if it is still as beautiful and “wild” as when I last saw it. I live in Ontario now, it has its “highlights” in fact each province has its own unique “story” and “landscapes”.. I certainly have been enjoying your posts.

      1. “Quebec is one of my favourtie provinces, I also loved Newfoundland when I went. I’d love to go back to see if it is still as beautiful and β€œwild” as when I last saw it. I live in Ontario now, it has its β€œhighlights” in fact each province has its own unique β€œstory” and β€œlandscapes”.. I certainly have been enjoying your posts.”

        Yes I loved all of the east coast of Canada that we visited. My father’s family was from Newfoundland and I enjoyed visiting there. Haven’t been to Ontario yet. We are discussing a polar bear excursion for 2015 in Manitoba. I must see them! Cheers to you and I love your beautiful country~

  8. Cindy I appreciate you coming over to my blogs. I love this photo with snow. I was born in December and here in Chicago we have to love snow to live here….lol I enjoy your photos.

    1. My mother, aunt and brother were all born in Chicago where my grandfather was a judge. He moved the entire family to SoCal after he retired and I was the only one of my cousins not born in The Windy City! Did you read, “Devil in the White City?” Fascinating Chicago history~

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