75 thoughts on “The True Nature of Humanity.

    1. You can sense in these boat captains and crew the awe they felt at being part of something so good. Very moving and reflective of the hearts and minds of the majority of good people on this earth~

  1. Well this turned me into a puddle. Something like this does every time – a reminder of the inherent goodness of people, that we are all one, that kindness and caring win. Thanks for sharing Cindy.

  2. Cindy, I have never heard of this before. What a great story that we should place in the history books of the United States. Plain people doing what they know is right.
    It made me think of the Lenny Skutnik story; the fellow who kept on swimming through the ice-choked waters of the Potomic river to save the passengers of a plane that crashed there – – – through the ice – – – and they were in shock. But one man – – – – ONE MAN – – – Lenny Skutkik saved several of them – – – time after time – – – swimming in the ice choked waters. Where do these people come from? Do they offset the Hitlers of this world? I believe they do – – – one at a time.
    Thank you so much for posting this. Like the previous commenter, I am a puddle of emotion.

    1. Yes. The emotion means you care, a lot my friend. The people like this, the heroes who step into the fray and help. These are stories that need to be covered. The onslaught of evil in our media breeds the same. The majority of humans on this planet are decent and good. Not perfect, but willing to step into the fray and help. This is what we all need desperately to hear. Tears yes, but pride also!

    1. It is so much!! Thank you. The amazing thing is how many people responded with no plan or direction other than their own morality. They rescued 500,000 people!! Why wasn’t this on Nancy Grace?

    1. It is so profoundly beautiful. Just thinking about it brings tears. These are the stories about people that need to be covered. This is what most people are made of. We are all New Yorkers now, and have been since that awful day~

  3. Thank You for that. We hear too little of the true worth of humankind. But, it is indomitable and emerges when it is needed. 🙂 . I will post that myself but very glad to give credit to where I first saw it and use the inspiring tiltle that you gave. 🙂

  4. P.S. Please give it a category. They get listed on Google and it benefits us all to see such things. In fact, if I may suggest. if you were to create a category “The True Nature of Humankind” it might become a theme. I am certainly going to do that myself. With all that’s going on in the world, there all to many who would have us think that we are less than this and have us accept that.

    1. Thank you so much for doing this! Greatly appreciate your concern and support! Also appreciate your ideas for promulgating it online.
      I did want to alert you that McAfee gives me a site advisor warning when I try and visit your site. I have no idea why?
      Cheers to you and thank you~

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