32 thoughts on “Still Life: Mixed Hydrangeas

    1. I love hydrangeas and think of Madonna when around them. Remember her, “I loathe hydrangeas….” comment when a fan gave her a boquet? Hydrangeas are too kind to loathe her in return~

    1. The Holler is the only place where I have been unable to grow them. Our summers are too hot. I tried to shield them from the sun, but it was a losing battle. I miss them and envy the riotous blooms and colors I have seen abroad~

    1. HA! You know the infamous quote. Has she considered what hydrangeas must think of her for this rude comment???? They are too elegant to harbor such thoughts, so I was incensed on their behalf! LOL ~

    1. What a wonderful memory! I miss growing them but it too hot out here. They are fun to grow because you can select the hue through fertilization. The best I have seen were in Switzerland and France. Cheers to you and thank you!

  1. Hydrangeas are my favorite of all the flowers, and your photos of them are superb — I especially like the way you put some petals at the bottom of the vase for a little extra touch in the photo! They have such a variety of color, and are like big snowballs of blooms (and you know THESE aren’t color-infused!)!

    1. I added the dropped flower as an afterthought, thinking of the still life paintings of Europe. There is often the hint of decline, with a dropped flower, and it is strangley beautiful. Thank you for noticing this Becky~

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