56 thoughts on “Look Who Fluttered By Today!

  1. great shots Cindy, I saw an Eastern Tiger Swallowtail ( female) yesterday and plan to blog on it. What are the odds? sadly my post will not contain your striking photos!

  2. I know who that is, Cuz. It’s genus lepidoptra, aka Tiger Swallowtail. I used to collect butterflies when I was a boy – exhibited the collection at a 4H county fair and got 3rd place. I couldn’t dream of doing that anymore. They’re just too beautiful.

    1. Yes! We have a bonanza of tigers this year! Finally the monarchs breezed in a few days ago. I can picture you with your collection as a young boy who already had an artist’s eyes for beauty…… Cheers to you cuz~

      1. Wonderful! I will pick a favorite photo and you can mull on it, either pick a passage or write one and you post and I’ll reblog? Or should we both the final product, crediting you for the poetry, me for the click? Anything works for me. What fun~

  3. A view weeks ago I tried to captured one of them in the mountains but it wasn’t at close like you did here, and in that moment I was thinking of you that a needed some lessons of a artist !

    1. I am strickly an amateur clicker! That is a coincidence though because a few weeks ago I was in the mountains, and took what I considered to be my best butterfly shot ever of a Monarch and promptly deleted it inadvertantly. Oooooh was I mad!

  4. Now see, this makes me mad — I sit outside, and sit there, and sit there, and no butterfly, moth, dragonfly, or any interesting bug of any kind ever lands and poses like that. I’ve sat by lakes, ponds, in gardens, and still, things flutter to and fro at the speed of light, but never land longer than one second, just long enough for the camera to decide it can’t focus on Mr. Bug.
    With that rant out of the way, I’ll say your butterfly photos are stunning, beautiful and sharp, especially the first one, where the wings play so well off the color of the flower bloom!

    1. Look at it this way, I just now photographed a tarantula in the garage. You may not get the butterflies, but you don’t get the tarantulas either. One must look on the bright side, no? LOL!!

  5. Liebste Cindy das sind ja Traumfotos von den Schmetterlingen sei ganz herzlichst gegrüßt und wünsche dir einen neuen schönen Wochenstart Klaus

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