Blue Orchids!


(Note: These are “color-infused” white phalaenopsis orchids. Subsequent blooms will be white. Color infusion process is some secret patent. These orchids were purchased. For more discussion see: They certainly are dramatically beautiful, but I think the company should be more forthright about the dyeing process and the fact that subsequent blooms will be white. I had to google to find out about this orchid.

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    1. They really are and the color manipulation doesn’t bother me much because I influence rose, hydrangea and camellia color all the time through selective fertilization. This is ramping it up, but the effect is striking~

    1. I saw them in the grocery store and had to buy them and rush home to google them to find out what was up with them. They inject them with dye and have them in different “gem stone” colors. I’d like to see the other colors also~

  1. The way the colour spread is really nice. I wouldn’t have known they were ‘color-infused’ if you hadn’t told us. Hauntingly beautiful!

    1. Aren’t they gorgeous. Apparently they infuse with various gem stone colors. I am eager to see the others and will research it (thank you google) and thank you Halim! I am glad you enjoyed them as I do~

  2. Very nice capturing of the orchids. I have been wondering for a while now how some of the flowers or orchids in store have some unnatural color. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Have you seen the other colors? Do you have a photo? I hear them do them in various gem stone colors and I am eager to see the other colors. These are the first I have seen~

  3. beautiful, but unnerving, for the reasons you give — how about blue poppies? they really are blue, and stay blue — perhaps you’re not in a zone that could grow them, but you can at least find and admire them online!

    1. I’ve seen them in my travels and they are gorgeous! The Holler is covered with deep blue morning glories, blue sage, blue rosemary, I have planted tons of blue and purple flowers because I love them so. Our native poppy which coats everywhere in the spring is orange. I didn’t plant them. They are lovely too, but you are right, the “Iceland Blue” and red poppies I have seen on my travels are so beautiful. Cheers to you & thank you~

  4. Completely electric! And it would not matter to me about the dyeing process–as I am the blackest of thumbs with orchids–of all kinds. I’ve yet to have one bloom twice, though I am marvelous with the rest of my plants. I cannot get the orchid to grow, though…

    Or glow, for that matter. Lovely post, Cindy. Blue ribbon.

    1. I bet it might glow!!! What a thought! I will check it out tonight!! Stay tuned….:) I think you just need to ignore your orchid. Cut it down generously, stick by a sink near a window, and stick it under the running water once a week or so. It may take awhile, but it will rebloom. I think it’s easy to get discouraged because it looks so, eeerrrr, ugly, until it reblooms! Sort of like roses….

  5. I had one of these in Florida. It started off really vivid blue, but as you say, the subsequent flowers were pale blue to white. It was nice while it lasted though. πŸ™‚

    1. Oooooh! I would love the pale blue. It must be remnants of the dye. I’m going to google and try to find out about the other colors. So far it seems quite hardy~

  6. Am I missing something here. Didn’t we all as kids in science class take even just daisies or carnations and stick them in food dye colored water to watch them suck up the color. Really how hard can it be?
    Maybe they are using some finely ground indigo or someithing and don’t want to give out their formula…but is it that big of a mystery? When the roots stop sucking up the dye the flowers are going to revert to their natural color, what ever it was.
    Well that’s my two cents. The photos on the other hand…are just gorgious!!!

    1. You see Jules, I could have predicited you would remember this experiment. After all, Jules Gemstones??? This is a “Gemstone Orchid.” I was flirting with Chestney Denton at the time and can only vaguely remember this experiment. I can remember Chestney clear as day though. Chestney are you out there? I know it was in second grade and all, but I still kinda gotta a torch for you….
      He was a smart, gorgeous, very kind, black guy and I remember asking my mom if it was okay to marry him. This was around 1964. She says it was but Chestney would have to “agree to it…”
      Chestney are you out there?????
      Remember pooling our milk money to go buy ice cream cones???
      Drop me a line…….
      Anyhoo, I do remember growning a lima bean in a wet paper towel. I thought it was cool and would never eat lima beans after this…
      I think I am going to hire you as my blog scientific advisor and Russel as my poetry consultant when I become rich and famous (read don’t hold your breath….)
      You rock ma deah….in case I haven’t already told you 100X’s!

      1. Oh how funny. That they should be named ‘Gemstone Orchid.’ Quinky-dinks on the net are just too cool!

        The Gemstones on my part is because my birthstone is an opal. And well not all poems are perfect. But an opal is the way it is because of it’s internal imperfections.

        I like how you can remember Chestney…but not your science lesson πŸ˜‰

        Oh…I’m not holding my breath…how could I when I’m laughing? Not at you, but with you!!!

      2. I seriously hopes Chestney reads this and gets in touch!! I threw a bottle off a cruise ship a couple of years ago and a year later a kid who lived in an island in French Polynesia sent me a Christmas card and photo of where he found the bottle while fishing on the fringing reef on an unihabited atoll. So it could happen…………

  7. And they are SO blue, and so perfect, and so beautiful! In other wards, not dead or dying like the ones I’ve had. Great, colorful macro photos, Cindy!

      1. Cindy, Santa Fe is one of those places we are considering in the future too. I’ve been coming here for 60 years and we used to spend a month here each summer when I was a young monkey. You know, of course, that Georgia first got her name on the map after she posed for a series of nude photographs in New York.

    1. It is so bloody scary what is happening with our weather. I have been reading about the heat wave. So sorry and frightening. We are on high fire alert as well, which makes the pyromaniacs eager to start fires. What a world!! Hoping for cooling trend for you tomorrow!! ):

  8. I almost bought a couple of these myself thinking they were hybrids, but thankfully I happened to be standing next to Home Depot’s master gardener at the time and she set me straight.

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