Hummingbirds, Snapdragons & Tigertails!

I thought you might be in the mood for hummingbirds so I snapped a few today!
My husband likes the shots of them still, but I prefer snagging them in flight. There’s a new one around with a beautiful blue throat, but he keeps getting dive bombed by the locals so I haven’t got a good snap of him yet. I swear he hovers around me for protection. When they dive bomb him, they are moving at incredible speed, when they make impact you could hear an audible woof sound and he makes a squeak. I feel sorry for the blue throated guy.

The female has no colors to flash, but I still think she is pretty.
The Snapdragons are blooming and we get more each year. They self sow.

I included one tiger swallowtail shot because it shows the swallowtail and the gem colored patches on the wings. Aren’t they beautiful!
Cheers to you from The Holler!

95 thoughts on “Hummingbirds, Snapdragons & Tigertails!

  1. Ah, Cindy, yet again you grace our eyes with beautiful renditions of the natural beauty of the world. And I do believe I need to get out more. I think it’s about time I invest in another camera, myself. Epic.

  2. Humming birds are so much fun to watch. We don’t have a feeder but they still come around.

    Lately we have had birds flying into our windows. I mean with a real force and I am sure they are injured and fly off to die. Perhaps it is the way the sunlight is on the window and maybe the birds see a reflection and think it is clear flying. But it is sad to hear that big thump. But no broken windows.

    1. Yes that is an awful occurance. They get confused by the reflection. Sometimes they are just stunned and recover, but other times they crack their skulls and die. If they are going to recover, just let them be. They are stunned and it takes awhile to recover. It was happening here for awhile, but hasn’t happened in a long time. It is very sad to see. I have never seen hummingbirds hit a window though, they are too adept. Thanks for stopping by and good luck with your birds~

  3. Those hummingbirds are absolutely stunning! I have never captured one in a photograph, looks like you have a great feeder set up there. Thanks to Sahm King for leading me here to discover your photography ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Sahm is a seriously talented person. On top of all of his existing gifts, I just found out he is an awesome photographer as well. Sahm rocks, so please thank him for me.
      Your comments are very kind and greatly appreciated. Thank you~
      Heading over to your blog now to check it out…..

  4. I’m in the mood for the hummingbirds any time. Thank you for the beautiful pics which prove such birds are real for me. They just don’t exist here.

    1. They really are amazingly entertaining to watch. They have lots of aerial tiffs and zoom around at what seems like the speed of life. I don’t think they are afraid of me. They let me get close and buzz my head. I truly love them. Cheers & thank you~

  5. We’ve had hummingbird sightings for a few weeks. They bring me such joy. We have the ruby throated and once in a while another will be seen. Next door a feeder lures them, but I prefer plants. So many trumpet-shaped flowers to attract them. I see you use a feeder, which takes attentiveness and work. Is that an Anna hummingbird? Or…

    1. Yes the green one is an Anna and they are here year round. The feeder needs to be changed when empty and kept very clean, but that is all. The hummingbirds use both it and the flowers. The myth that if the feeder is empty, the birds will die is a myth. But, we still keep it full year round. But we have orchards all around us and tons of flowers so the birds partake of both. I like the feeder because it is right at my computer window and they buzz in all the time….

  6. fabulous photos as always…I wonder why the hummingbirds have taken a dislike to the fellow with the blue throat??? beautiful butterfly…love the jewel colors in the wings…

      1. I didn’t know that about hummingbirds…I don’t see them often around my house, generally only one, if I’m luck to see them at all, so I’ve never seen this kind of behavior.

  7. I could sit and watch those hummers all day long! You’ve really caught some great shots Cindy, gorgeous. I’m sure those snaps smell fab too, I love snaps and WISH they’d reseed here.

    1. Mil grazi! I think it depends on the weather. They reseed here because I plant them very early and they keep going. We have nights well below freezing, but next to the house, planted early they keep going. Cheers to you~

  8. Cindy, in Sacramento, my yard was filled with hummingbirds. They loved my lavender hedge. I’ve seen a few hummingbirds here but many butterflies and some of amazing size and color. Where is that camera when I need it? ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. You know a wet humming bird would make a beautiful shot. I wish it would rain here. We are in extreme fire hazard alert right now and it isn’t even July! Our poor planet~

  9. Protect the lil fella, Cindy! and don’t I know it–I have 2 feeders, because this one guy is SURE the first one is solely for him. Those snap dragon shots are so luscious, I can practically smell them! A fresh as a spring post!

  10. Awesome! And those little humming birds! Aren’t they just priceless little creatures! They haven’t got proper tails! They’re little adorable stumpies!!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  11. The hummingbird shots are absolutely beautiful, but it’s sad about the poor little sweetiepie that gets dive-bombed! Beautiful snapdragons (I love pink!), and you took a wonderful photo of that amazing butterfly — looks like summer is gloriously headed to the Holler!

  12. Liebste Cindy sehr schรถne Fotos von den Blumen und den Kolibris ,aber auch sehr Nachdenkliche Fotos von bettelnden Menschen und das mitten in Europa ,sei ganz herlichst gegrรผรŸt Klaus

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