Hummingbird Haven!

This bird is looking up anticipating an attack from above.
This one is also anticipating a volley from above. It always happens!
Can’t resist the hummingbirds. I have other stuff to post but I keep getting distracted by the hummingbird antics. Plus you seem to like them too, so, what the heck, I posted some more. They are incredibly fun to hang out with. They dive bomb each other, and their aerial feats of daring do, and in air squabbles, are great fun to watch. They incorporate me into their games by using me as a human shield to escape their foes. It is quite entertaining. Plus they never seem to actually injure each other.
This one got on the feeder wire to pounce on whatever foe dares to come feed. Pretty hilarious. They fly at super fast velocity when engaging in these games and constantly buzz inches from my head at intense speeds. Sometimes I involuntarily duck, but they never hit me. They are not just sweet, pretty, ornamental birds. They are intense aerial fighters.
This guy in the above photo is the one I misnamed as blue throated. You can see he has a purple throat. He is the non-local that is experiencing harassment, but he is getting far more assertive. Don’t you think he looks a little cross? I confess to interfering to the point of standing next to him at the feeder so he can eat in peace. What can I say? I dislike bullies and always go for the underdog. He’s gotten a lot of nectar. He needs to keep up his strength! Plus now he likes me and let me take a lot of photos. I know, I know, I am a really bad human, bribing the hummingbirds for photo-ops, but there it is, naked greed at its worst. Plus check out the pics! LOL.

After they have a battle, they retreat to the nearby trees to recover and plan their next assault. The purple throated one always squeaks at this time. You can see him hiding below.
Cheers From The Holler Hummingbirds!

92 thoughts on “Hummingbird Haven!

  1. Yay more hummingbirds! I absolutely love them, the photographs of the purple throated guy in flight are truly spectacular. I could look at these beautiful birds all day.

  2. lol…yes, I love the hummingbirds, while all are beautiful, I like the fellow with the purple throat …love the story line as well…enjoy your friends… 🙂

  3. So nice photos capturing these wonderful and tiny birds.

    “bad human, bribing the hummingbirds for photo-ops” ?

    I do not see any thing wrong with this. It is a win-win situation, isn’t it?

    1. Yes. I think so. Some biologists might prefer we not interfere with nature, but nature is under such grave assault, that I believe any small way each of us can help may make a difference. There are billions of us after all! Thank you my friend. Your wonderful comments and ongoing friendship are very enjoyed and appreciated by me. Cheers~

    1. I was keeping track of the varieties and need to go back and update. I think I told you how impressed I am when I saw the lists of books you have published at Amazon. Bravo Wally. Quite an accomplishment~

  4. I dream of humming birds/ The tiniest birds on earth/ So tiny they can fly at a lightning speed/ From spot to spot// So swift they are free from predatords/ Thus can be so colorful and conspicuous/ Millions of them each at free flight/ Without collision// For ultimate freedom

  5. I love the hummingbirds in my garden. I’ve got one I call Little Miss Bossy Pants. She is the star of several of my posts and I’ve even posted video of her. They are very territorial critters aren’t they? We didn’t have any hummingbirds in the garden in Canada and they fascinate me. Lovely, lovely photos. Thank you for sharing them. 🙂

    1. We certainly do and I am looking forward to exploring gorgeous Canada soon. I”ve been over at your blog and can’t find the comments sections in some posts. What am I doing wrong?

      1. You never do anything wrong!!! 🙂 That particular template has a problem with accepting comments if I schedule a post. I did a couple of posts in advance. I find that I have to go back in and click the `comments` button. I`m learning as I go along… 🙂

      2. Oh yes I do things wrong. All the time, and I do wrong stuff spectacularly well actually! I am glad to know I didn’t somehow miss a comments section. If I ever don’t comment, it’s because I can’t find it. Please know I always thoroughly enjoy your interesting posts. Cheers to you Rebecca~

    1. They are quite the entertainment. I think they get annoyed when I take photos of other things because they follow me and buzz me. They are hilarious. Thank you & cheers to you~

  6. They are totally charming and such good fun from your account. I particularly like the one with the purple “choker” look! The blogosphere is so good at offering new learning.

    1. Have you seen the babies in the nest? They are so incredibly tiny! I sometimes forget how tiny hummingbirds are because I am always looking at them through a telephoto lens. Cheers to you Eunice my friend. On July 6 I will have been on this blogging adventure with you for one year. Couldn’t have asked a better blogging friend. Cheers to you~

      1. We started around the same time glad we connected it has been a joy getting to know you and the world you travel in 🙂


        Yes I have seen the babies and and their first flights are the best! They alll come sit with me and JT I keep the Cat in on Flight Training days 🙂 I hunt for snakes trying to get them as well I am FIERCE Momma 🙂

      2. I know you are a fierce mama! I have never seen the first flight. I am going to watch for it. I try not to disturb the nest though which is why I have taken any pics of it. Hugs back at you~

    1. Aren’t they incredible and so funny too. I appreciate your kind words and love your blog. Norway is so beautiful. We all loved our time there. Cheers to you~

  7. Your images lately seem to have taken a leap forward in crispness, color contrast and composition. The hummingbird is particularly nice because of the way you’ve allowed the aperture to blur the background. Nice. Ken

    1. Oh thank you Ken. I am learning and having a lot of fun. I am just amazed by your culinary skill. People are so lucky to be your friend, for the food and the good company. Cheers to you~

    1. I keep trying and Blog2Print keeps not being able to print. I did do the first six months at least. Thank you for the lead on this. It was so great to be able to print the books I could~

  8. Carry right on bribing them! lol 😉 You have the most amazing birds, we would never see such beautiful birdlife here in the UK, it just doesn’t exist here! We have some lovely ones of our own but nothing as exotic and cute and coolurful as these awesome little chaps!

    1. After all I’m just doing a form of operant conditioning after all right?? LOL! I don’t think humminbirds are very trainable! So glad you like them & cheers to you and Wolfie~

  9. Your photos get better and better, even though every time I don’t think it’s possible for them to be any better, and then you prove me wrong time and time again. Beautiful photos, Cindy!
    I’ve never heard a hummingbird squeak!
    You should be applauded for sticking up for the poor little outsider — good for you!

    1. Hi Becky. I was over at your blog last night making sure I didn’t miss anything. I was missing my Becky fix, so I am glad you popped by and said hi! Yes the squeak is a little disconcerting. I don’t know it’s meaning. Except it is not a happy squeak. Still the outsider is thriving! Cheers to you Becky and thank you as always~

      1. Cindy, thanks for your kind note. I also have the same feelings of admiration for you and your blog. I learn a lot each time I visit. It’s a great experience and pleasure. Thank you for all wonderful moments I could derive from your posts, especially from the beautiful pictures of various places that you travelled. I consider myself fortunate to be associated with such amazing bloggers as yourself. Have a great day!

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