Hummingbirds, Snapdragons & Tigertails!

I thought you might be in the mood for hummingbirds so I snapped a few today!
My husband likes the shots of them still, but I prefer snagging them in flight. There’s a new one around with a beautiful blue throat, but he keeps getting dive bombed by the locals so I haven’t got a good snap of him yet. I swear he hovers around me for protection. When they dive bomb him, they are moving at incredible speed, when they make impact you could hear an audible woof sound and he makes a squeak. I feel sorry for the blue throated guy.

The female has no colors to flash, but I still think she is pretty.
The Snapdragons are blooming and we get more each year. They self sow.

I included one tiger swallowtail shot because it shows the swallowtail and the gem colored patches on the wings. Aren’t they beautiful!
Cheers to you from The Holler!