What To Do With Your Punic Walls?

This is just not a dilemma we face in Southern California. But it was a very real one for the ancient city of Qart-Hadast, you know the place, founded by that Punic Hasdrubal in 229 BC? These parallel Punic walls surround the city of Cartagena Spain. They are 10 metres high and were built to protect the ancient city.
They were breached though, twenty years later, by that pesky Roman Publius Scipio. You could ask Winston what to do……
I named him this. His real name is probably Hasdrubal. I imagine he is as clueless about this dilemma as we are, even though he is a proud citizen of Cartagena, despite his English origins…..
This is the more modern crypt of St. Joseph built in the XVI and XVII centuries, excavated in 1987 and 2003.

Here is the Roman theatre. A woman who was hanging out her laundry in her apartment that shared a wall overlooking the theatre took us in for free after I explained to her that “nosotros no sabemos nada,” (We know nothing.) This is always a useful thing to say, and in our case, it has the added benefit of always being factually accurate.
Cartagena has such wonderful walking streets, similar to its beautiful sister city in Columbia.
I can’t wait to catch up with all you and your blogs next week when the internet is functional!
Cheers to you from sunny Espana!

58 thoughts on “What To Do With Your Punic Walls?

  1. Buenas nochas, senora. Que es,Cindy? Looks like you made the continent at long last, and are having a good time exploring the local sights and culture. Cartagena looks wonderful.

      1. Wow talking to you in real time from Rome right now in a suburb is an old villa hotel with four windows looking out over the leafy quiet rooftops, tippy-typing on my laptop…..not a tourist around!!

    1. Black and white movie reels in celluloid that always broke and the AV nerds would be called to fix it. The teachers picked their noses in the dark and read porno or something white newsreels did their jobs for them…but that was mostly in private school……..

      1. PS- Those AV nerds were so smart. They never had to go to class. They just hung out in the AV closet cuz the teachers couldn’t run the projectors without them…..They are probably CEO’s now……

    1. I have a similar shot that is actually a bit better because the street is strung with flags from every country. Yes Cartagena is special and I would have liked more time there…….

    1. Beautiful. There is a shot of the old church that is pulsating this amazing interior golden light…..When I get more time I will try and remember to post it. You are right about the light…

  2. Ask Winston! lol πŸ˜‰ Fantastic photos of a beautiful place – you are so lucky to be visiting these wonderful places, have a totally amazing time on your great travels πŸ™‚

  3. The walking street is beautiful — I love the color! Sometimes you say things that absolutely slay me, Cindy — your paragraph about telling the lady hanging her laundry that you knew nothing had me in stitches! I’m so glad you are having a fun, eventful and educational time!

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    Thank you!

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