Ship Board Friends!


Please note: I am still reliant on the maritime satellite and hence cannot communicate with you until early next week! I am itching to catch up with you and your blogs! Until then, check out my new ship board friends…..They seemed puzzled by the fact that I liked them and are quite curious and unafraid!


They definitely follow the fish!
Once when my son was about three, a seagull swooped down, and snatched a stuffed Easter Chick from his Easter Basket.
With confidence my son Matteo informed me, “He’ll bring it back.”
I explained to him there was no way he would see that stuffed chick again but he was resolute.
Hours later, after our picnic and swim, the seagull swooped back with the chick in his beak. Matteo took out running down the beach after the gull, which dropped the chick on the sand. It had pecked out the stuffing.
Matteo returned quite triumphant with his gutless chick, stating, “I told you so.”
This is a true story.
You explain it to me please.
Cheers to you from the windy Mediterranean, waves 12 feet, wind 40 knots! It’s a bronco ride!!

39 thoughts on “Ship Board Friends!

  1. Fantastic photo’s. I love seagulls! About the story: your son was talking with the seagull, he probably saw him as a friend. Children have an open spirit for animals, so they can communicate with them without talking. I love this šŸ™‚

  2. Loved the shipmates, Cindy. They’re like sailors though…, find ’em in every port !!! The close-ups are great character studies. I think I recognized one of them. She was a nun who taught my 3rd grade class. Have fun !!!

  3. your shipmates are definitively friendly fellows…what a great story about your son…12ft high waves, oh my goodness, a bronco ride for sure!

  4. Amazing photos! They look very majestic in the first two photos where you captured them with their wings spread like that. And their faces are so beautiful too.

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