The Cynthia Group Of Painted Ladies!

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I never knew my mom named me after painted ladies. But, she also never told me until very recently that my great-grandmother was a Roma (gypsy) and my grandmother was half Polish…. It’s amazing the stuff your parents never tell you until they get older….
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Anyhoo, I digress, here is a painted lady, scientific name Vanessa Virginiensis, part of the Cynthia group on our statice or sea-lavender plants. Someone took a bite out of this Cynthia’s wing.

Initially I thought this was a moth because of the kinda-creepy looking proboscis, but nope, it’s apparently a Cynthia. And nope, don’t ask, my nose is only a little big…….and no, I’m pretty sure this is not why my mom named me Cynthia. Although lately I’m learning a lot from her that is surprising. So, I can’t be too sure on this one…..
These butterflies usually live in mountains, in the warmer parts of the US. They also live in Madeira and The Canary Islands, and of course, The Holler, which is mountainous all the time, but only warm sometimes.

Before this very post I thought I was the only Cynthia living at The Holler…..but no, there’s a bunch of Cynthia’s and Vanessa’s living here too. My husband thought this was funny until I told him not to be too smug. He may think he’s the only James living at The Holler, but et tu Brute……..
This is important. You bloggers need to help me with this. Does anyone know of any bug named James??? Don’t worry if it’s not native, I’m not above planting one here…….it’s for an important cause after all….
Cheers, from all of the Cynthia’s…… (and hopefully Jame’s) at The Holler.

Lady Bug, Lady Bug, Fly Away Home!

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Your House is On Fire and Your Children May Burn?
Why is this nursery rhyme so morbid? I never taught it to my kids.
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This one is hiding! One variety of ladybug is native to California. Japan and Europe introduced other ladybug varieties to the US to control harmful garden bugs.
This ladybug landed on my skirt. They like to land on people. It doesn’t bother me, but maybe this is the origin of the nursery rhyme? Maybe 200 years ago people were annoyed with lady bugs landing on them and made up the morbid rhyme? Come on Ladybug, fly away home now….the photo session is over already….
Cheers & hope you have lots of ladybugs in your garden. They are helpful little beetles!


Every week or so I get a little closer to the obscure object of my photographic desire, the awesome, aerial, red-tail hawks.

The red-tails are always getting into aerial combat with other birds, especially Ravens and other hawks.
Of all the creatures in The Holler, the aerial feats of the red-tails are the most incredible to watch.

The red-tails have so far successfully driven out passing Golden Eagles and even a Bald Eagle.

Hanging out with the hawks is one of my favorite things to do!
Cheers to you from The Holler red-tails~