53 thoughts on “Primavera!

  1. I love your beautiful photographs of spring.We still have cold days here.we don’t know when we will see amazing flowers here.thank you for your post.

    1. Thank you Holly. Yes these photos are from the holler where I live. Many of the flowering plants occurs naturally, but every plant I plant also flowers as I am a flower person. Thank you Holly & cheers to you~

    1. I bet I would miss it also if I left, although beauty is everywhere, you just need to look for it. Thank you for your kind comment and for your great blog. Cheers~

  2. Beautiful flowers, and great shot of the hummer in flight — how fortunate that the butterfly lit and stayed still so you could get that wonderful picture as well!

    1. I think it is most polite of them also. The hummingbirds seem to get annoyed when I focus on the hawks. They buzz at me loudly. Too much fun!! Cheers Becky & thank you~

      1. Ah HA!! Another one!!! There are a group of talented clinical social workers bopping around here….There is Kristin Barton, and Lea in France, and several others….Now there is Linda!! So pleased to meet you. You know already that social workers can do anything……LOL!!!

    1. No, and I love the smell of sweet peas, but it blooms year round and is quite hardy which is a big plus. It also forms very large bushes. Thank you & cheers to you~

    1. I have no idea. Hibiscus are much larger. The primroses also only bloom briefly in the spring, but they are invasive, which with the holler spaces is a good thing. Cheers to you Wally and happy Sunday~

  3. Lovely Cindy! Here it is Cherry Blossoms, Lilacs, Wisteria and many I haven’t names for. The scent is incredible. Unfortunately my camera is down until I get out and replace the batteries and charger. 🙁

    1. Lea yes all those scents are here as well, minus the cherry blossoms. Cherry blossoms are stunning. Looking forward to more photos after your camera recovers! Cheers to you my friend…..Springtime in France. Sounds lovely! 🙂

  4. Ok, sweet pea, I saw you sneak that pic of the hummingbird in there. Looks like you’re really having fun with springtime, Cindy. Envy you (for a while)

      1. LOL I know you are right but if you only knew how many nasty snowstorms that I have seen these poor Lilacs in bloom bent over by the weight of heavy wet snow 🙁 ah New England don’t like the weather wait a minute LOL

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