Every week or so I get a little closer to the obscure object of my photographic desire, the awesome, aerial, red-tail hawks.

The red-tails are always getting into aerial combat with other birds, especially Ravens and other hawks.
Of all the creatures in The Holler, the aerial feats of the red-tails are the most incredible to watch.

The red-tails have so far successfully driven out passing Golden Eagles and even a Bald Eagle.

Hanging out with the hawks is one of my favorite things to do!
Cheers to you from The Holler red-tails~

53 thoughts on “Red-Tails!

    1. I tell you it is really thrilling! We are 800 ft up from the valley floor, so they are always flying by the windows at eye -level. Their aerial prowess is nothing short of marvelous. When they tuck and dive it is just incredible. Every day is spent with me outside marveling at the splendors of nature. Thank you my friend for understanding this!

    1. Aaah. Thank you! Still practising, but what fun. Someday I will get THE awesome shot! Until then, I’m having a blast with these guys. They definitely know me. If I lay flat on the ground they will fly closer!!

  1. Loved the pics, Cuz. Red Tails are, for me, the king of falcons in their tendency to dominate their territories. Their bravery is only limited sometimes by their size if they go up against something larger. As for ravens, they’re the natural enemies of a Red Tail and will attack a hawk in groups of 2-3 or more. In the end, though, the hawk most always wins the competition. Have a happy tomorrow.

    1. I’m just not developing a fondness for ravens at all. They are such group bullies. They form groups of 10 or more and harrass the red-tails, the red-tails can outfly them, but they prevent the redtails from hunting and they have babies to feed. One baby I can hear in a tree in the lower pasture. I’m sure the Golden Eagles can take them, but so far they have not disputed the red-tails territory. Cheers Paul & thanks!

  2. Cet obscur objet du désir – nice one! I hope you find it. Your red tails are are at the opposite end of the pecking oder out here. Far from being the consistent victor in aerial combat, they’re usually harried and harassed by much smaller birds (starlings, sparrows, the occasional crow) until they give up and leave an area. I like watching them too. One day, in an apotheosis of Greek mythology I saw one fly overhead with a snake in its talons. I then watched it land in a tree and proceed to eat the snake. My daughter, then around 8, was appalled. Ken

    1. Wow! Starlings taking on red tails?? Starlings are pretty aggressive. Maybe the red tails are sucessful out here because they co-operate? Combat is always a group effort! Plus they are defending THEIR territory. It’s wild out here, so there is no city/people influence. Yes I have seen both red-tails and golden eagles catch and devour snakes. Once I saw two goldens kill about a 6 foot rattler. They were killing it as I drove up and they flew with it, still somewhat alive, to safety where they consumed it. WOW! Amazing stuff to see in SoCal!!

  3. What amazing pictures!! Jealous once more …

    I have a red-tailed hawk in the neighborhood here … it flew / swooped in front of the car the other week (no camera ready of course) … and I hear its distinctive loud call regularly. I understand a professor at the local campus took a pic out the office window of it. Still hoping to get a shot. Magnificent creatures, magnificent shots.

    1. Thank you Holly! I want to see your shot when you get it. If you look at my blog you will see the trial and error process of trying to catch these gorgeous creatures. Their calls are so beautiful and always send me running to see what’s up. They call as a threat. Cheers to you Holly!

    1. Thank you Scott. I’m getting closer, but still not “there” quite yet……but that’s half the fun, no?
      Cheers to you and keep on clicking. Your photos rock~

  4. What dramas you have in your skies. And I will not be surprised if ,sometime soon, you are up in a little microlight contraption so you can get closer to the birds; how about it?

  5. The Eagles, Golden Eagle and Bald Eagle were just looking for a quick meal, the Red Tails babies. If they wanted it would have been a quick battle however, I have noticed that they are slow to anger, humans should study that? They also know that your family (yours and the Red Tails)have a higher power watching over you.

    1. Yep. I believe you are quite correct. I know Goldens can take Red-Tails, and overtake their nests. But they just haven’t so far out here. The eagles seem more like they are passing by, but the hawks live here. The eagles, the hawks, all just magnificent aren’t they! Maybe eagles have such power that they have no need to flaunt it? Yes we humans should take notes!!! There is no doubt that I have a strong connection with the red- tails and they know it. You were so right about this Sachem, and I will always be grateful to you for it. Cheers to you my friend~

    1. Thank you Alastair. They are gorgeous creatures! They were almost hunted out. I cannot imagine killing anything for fun…….Take a photo instead for heaven’s sake!

      1. Exactly. I have a t-shirt that my sister brought me for Christmas and I think it serves in this case too – it has a camera and says “I Shoot People”

    1. You know what they want to do to your birding station of course. My sister-in-law had a falcon swoop down, kill and pluck a song bird at her station, but she lives in the city. Oddly, enough, because there is so much prey here and so much empty space, the red-tails have never had the slightest interest in my bird stations. There are too many fat gophers, squirrels and rabbits for them to pluck up!! Thank you for stopping by and I appreicate your comments. You are a major photographic talent!

  6. I will take all of the credit that your wish to give me and enjoy the feeling for as long as I dear, then quickly turn it over to where it belongs, your protectors, your ancestors and Creator! Thank you my friend.

    1. Getting better at the hawk in flight shots, is what I am focusing on and practising. Sometimes I lay on the ground when they are directly overhead….this seems to interest them! LOL!

    1. Thanks Becky….I did a little better in my current post where I caught more of the aerial fight…still working on perfecting this….Cheers to you my friend~

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