Eerie Patagonian Sunsets & Stunning Terroir!

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Inside The Parque Nacional de Los Galciares at Lago Roca. (Glacier National Park, Rock Lake)

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Estancia Anita. Ranch en route to the lake.

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The vast Patagonian Steppe.


The solitary and windswept Andes.

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Tomorrow we make haste to Ushuaia and the incredible splendor of The Beagle Channel, still in Patagonia, but also the most southern city in the world! Wildlife abounds here in incredible numbers. This will be a return trip for us and this time we are staying for a full week. So please stay tuned & cheers to all!

60 thoughts on “Eerie Patagonian Sunsets & Stunning Terroir!

    1. Similar, yes, but The Andes are more black in color. They also just go on forever, right to the tip of AS where we will be tomorrow! Full bore volcanic. Still following and loving your work but little time to comment.
      Cheers to you cuz…….

  1. Those sunsets look like watercolor paintings! The scenery is incredible, too — very nice photos! Looking forward to your wildlife pictures from Ushuaia — you may decide never to leave!

    1. It’s a little of both I think. The mountains are blue/black, the ice is blue/white, and the lake water is grey/blue/aqua, so the blue spectrum dominates…..I usually focus on the foreground, making the mountians a backdrop, which may be a mistake. I am working on this, as I am not entirely satisfied with my mountain photos. If you see today’s post (photographer yesterday) and subsequent photos you may hopefully note some improvements in the mountain photos……Let me know what you see & thanks. I am on the same page as you, let’s see what I can do…….

      1. Actually, I was perfectly willing to believe that the color was an accurate reflection. I was just curious because the foreground didn’t seem particularly blue to me. Ken

  2. The book “Ferdinand Magellan” that contained his circumnavigation of the world,but centered on the Philippines, mentions about the giants of Patagonia…thanks for your posts!

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