Off Roading Patagonia Style!

Today, Jim and I decided to take a very rough 60 kilometer dirt road, in our really, ummm, modest, compact, rental chevy-something. We wanted to see a lake called Lago Roca. Lago Roca is in the Parque Nacinonal Los Glaciares. (We drove through Kruger National Park in a really cheap rental car also. Jim likes this.)

Tourists rarely venture here. On the drive up, we encountered no traffic, until confronted by this surprising oncoming traffic flying at us at a rather irresponsible velocity. Clearly they were not adhering to the 30 KPH posted speed limit! We had no options but to slam on the brakes! The nerve of some, errrrr………horses!

DSC04245 (1)

DSC04246 (1)

DSC04247 (1)

Gorgeous, free ranging Patagonian horses were everywhere!

DSC04375 (1)

DSC04382 (1)


DSC04308 (1)

Did I mention, you might want to come here????

56 thoughts on “Off Roading Patagonia Style!

    1. So marvelous to see them completely free. They were so playful and HAPPY! A group of them played tag with towels….so different than horses in a corral! Cheers to you!

      1. some great photos coming through, and I wish I had time to comment more often. But getting published and doing A LOT of chasing and cajoling to get people to read me takes a lot of time. Plus my blog is going like a train, and I’m still working on my PI novel and my autobiography. Only 24 hours in the day sadly/

        Seriously good photography though. I loved the glacier post.

        Have even more fun!


  1. I must agree with Jim, the best times in the service was going off road so to speak while traveling in other countries, one gets to meet the real people or in your case horses!

  2. Oh my GOSH, I’m so glad those horses were not obeying the traffic laws! You got some fantastic, clear pictures of them! That is a beautiful place, and I know you’re glad you went up there, even if it was in a “questionable” rental, lol!

    1. We have had so many questionable rentals, I can’t keep count.
      Jim specializes in finding the cheapest rental cars on the planet wherever we go.
      My suggestion, “Four wheel drive vehicle for driving in Africa?”
      “No. A toyota subcompact will do just fine….smaller target, the elephants won’t notice us.”
      The worst car by far was in Eleuthera The door on the passenger side wouldn’t close. Jim explained that this was an un-necessary feature as long as my seat belt worked.
      This Patagoina vehicle has bald tires which are just the ticket for driving 125 kilometers on a washboard, dirt road, full of rocks and critters.
      “You don’t have to worry about placing wear on the tires,” explains Jim, “as they are already ruined.”
      Wonder what kinda boat he’ll charter for us in The Beagle Channel?
      “That rusted out relic looks perfect. It’s got it’s sea legs…….”

  3. Who knew? Only you! But you are definitely right! Wonder if you are still in London and when you go back to Croatia…….Wherever you are, hope all is well with you & your hubby!

  4. How exciting to see ll those beautiful horses up so close, I would’ve been ecstatic I love horses. Those beautiful blue mountains with the wildflowers in front are stunning, unforgettable memories for you

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