El Fin del Mundo! Ushuauia & The Beagle Channel!

We are now in the southern-most city in the world, referred to as ‘The End of The world,’ and a very different part of Patagonia. We are staying on the glorious Beagle Channel near the entrance to Tierra Del Fuego National Park (Land of Fire.) Darwin named this area Tierra Del Fuego because as he sailed up the channel, he was amazed by the sight of the hundreds of fires the indigenous people had lit for warmth and survival in this harsh, but beautiful place. As of today the Tierra Del Fuegans are essentially wiped out due to their contact with explorers and settlers.
Ushuaia is a place we had been before, for a day, before crossing The Drake Passage into Antarctica. We always planned to return and spend more time and so we are. Take a peek at this stunning place & animal inhabitants :

Taken from out our hotel bedroom window!




Adelie, Chinstrap & some King Penguins!





The stunning Albatross. They spend the first few years of their life at sea and return to land when they are ready to breed. These are massive birds, with huge wingspans and they are incredible gliders!




36 thoughts on “El Fin del Mundo! Ushuauia & The Beagle Channel!

  1. Have I told you lately how much I LOVE your blog! I always learn so much. After reading this, I’m going to do quite a bit of googling about the area you are visiting. It looks like you are having an amazing adventure. Thank you so much for sharing!


    • Yes, south of here is Antarctica. Most people leave from here. Temperatures vary considerably during a 24 hour period, during the day, mostly in the 50’s now which is summertime her…..And thank you for the kind comments!
      Cheers to you!


  2. Cindy, I love your view!! Talk about breathtaking ๐Ÿ™‚
    Those cute little penguins. Love them so much!
    Has anyone told you how wonderful you are to be posting pictures while vacationing? You are awesome!!


    • I’ve always fantasized about the days gone by when the lighthouse keeper and his family lived in the lighthouses to keep them lit with kerosene. What an interesting life that must have been! Cheers to you Rebecca!


    • I do love moving through different countries and cultures. The cultural differences are as interesting as the places. New Zealand is so beautiful! I think it is closer to Ushuaia than anywhere outside of South America except for Australia which is the closest……so, why not plan a visit!!! Cheers to you my friend.


  3. I’m so fascinated by your absolutely gorgeous photographs all from around the world. And I wonder if I may ask you if you are a professional photographer`?


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