Blumen Blühen (Flowers Blooming)~

Poppies tell us,
spring has come.
Sweet peas climb,
and scent the air.
DSC02567 (1)
Soon the blooms outshine the sun!
Cheers to you & Happy Spring~

255 thoughts on “Blumen Blühen (Flowers Blooming)~

  1. The burst of colours and beauty in these photos is incredible. I mean each one type is already so beautiful, but a whole bunch of these gorgeousness like in the first and last pictures are just breathtaking. I miss your photos! Cheers to you my friend!


    • It is so wonderful to hear from you Halim and thank you for your wonderful words. I am at sea now on a dicey satellite or I would love to chat with you more. Be well my friend & chat more from land~


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