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      1. Once I get settled in my new house I am excited to have more space to create 😉😀 we are moving next week- so packing this week 😁😓 lol but when I’m settled I will certainly share my creation 😎😃

  1. Cuz, you just make me so darned jealous…, all those beautiful flowers, and obviously warm weather. I loved the pics, Cindy. How about the roadrunners, red-tails, and hummers. Are they out and about yet, or is it nesting season there? Saw my first bluebird yesterday. Hope they plan to nest close by. As for weather here, Winter is back once again. Seems it just won’t release its grip on us. Supposed to be 30-33 degrees at night for the next 4 nights. Can’t even imagine what that’ll do to the plants that are above ground now. Hugs to ya !!! Happy Tuesday ! 🙂

    1. Eeeeks that it so cold for late April. Hate to think of what it might do to the spring blooms, especially for 4 nights in a row! So sorry . Oh yes, holler critters are here year round although there is a surge in hummingbird numbers in the spring. Stay warm cuz!

  2. “Outshine the sun” indeed Cindy! It’s so amazing how blue flowers can be so bright and command attention! What type of flowers are growing in the top right-hand corner in the top photograph? Morning glories or … ? ~Lynn

    1. I love questions like this. And observant people like you. It shows you are seeing, and I am missing something. This is the best thing ever for me. I had to go look, those are Morning Glories! I have planted them all over The Holler. You would see them if you drove in. They are cannibal flowers. They will over take any plant or flower, wrap their vines around them, and kill them. Because of their hardiness, many gardeners dislike them. I have always had Darwinian gardens.
      Many trees/plants are dying near The Holler, because of the drought, except the ones we irrigate, and the Morning Glories.
      They are tenacious survivors.
      They are so beautiful.
      I am so glad you noticed them.

      1. Oh thank you for confirming Cindy! We had the pink and purple Morning Glories at a previous resident but I had no idea there was a vibrant blue variation as well! Yes, they do climb over everything and take over.

        Yes, this drought is extremely concerning. Where we are, people can only water their yard for 5 minutes a day now. Fortunately, we opted not to have a large lawn long ago. Here’s hoping for April or May showers!

  3. Dear Cindy,
    Love all of your photos !❤️ full of life, energy, joy and colors ❤️
    Although I’m often checking your posts but whenever I see your photos get an inspiration for drawing and colors❤️
    Thank you for sharing those beauties and looking forward to see more and more😊

  4. What a fabulous herbaceous border. I wish my garden looked as colourful. I do have a couple of packs of foxgloves seeds to plant, plus plenty of wildflower seeds, so am hoping for more colour in the future.

  5. Beautiful flowers, Cindy. The deer herd would be salivating. LOL But the fox glove in the last photo is a flower they won’t touch. Peggy is planting lots of fox glove this year. 🙂 –Curt

  6. The burst of colours and beauty in these photos is incredible. I mean each one type is already so beautiful, but a whole bunch of these gorgeousness like in the first and last pictures are just breathtaking. I miss your photos! Cheers to you my friend!

    1. It is so wonderful to hear from you Halim and thank you for your wonderful words. I am at sea now on a dicey satellite or I would love to chat with you more. Be well my friend & chat more from land~

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