A Riot of Spring~

In rain soaked (tap to enlarge),

Southern California.

The Carlsbad Ranuculus Fields,

are a blooming,


Spring is dancing,

blooms are bursting,

plants are happy,

and birds are singing!

Sending California’s blooming beauties to you,

with Cheers and Hopes for Happy Spring ~

297 thoughts on “A Riot of Spring~

    1. It is such a riot of stunning beauty! It’s like what The Bard said in Cymbeline “These flowers are like the pleasures of the world.”

      Thank you for bringing the pleasure to the rest of us!

      Were all the photos taken in Southern California?

      1. I love Cymbeline. My husband and I saw it performed at The Old Globe about 10 years ago. Flowers are truly “The pleasures of the world!” Thank you for sharing the wonderful quote and yes, all the photos were taken in The Flower Fields in Carlsbad in Southern California.

    1. Happy spring my friend! We’ve been enjoying the wet sunshine all week as we celebrated my daughter’s wedding April 1st! Not only do those ranunculus fields look amazing, so do the hillsides along Hwy 15 with all the blooming poppies and daisies. Enjoy the views!

      1. It is gorgeous isn’t it! Blooms bursting out everywhere. The earth ‘singing with flowers.’ Congrats to your daughter and to you! Give her all my best wishes დ

  1. Debuysscher

    Magnifique, aux Pays-Bas il y a Keukenhof, un parc très fleuri avec des milliers de tulipes, de jacinthes… si vous n’avez jamais vu, je vous conseille, au printemps c’est magique.

  2. Oh look at the colorful birdies – no wait, those are flowers, not birds! Riot as someone said, those being my wild favorites, all stirred up. Once who had a neighbor who’s garden was just like that – I liked. Thanks for the “show”; never been south of LA. Only question – where’s the bees? (I looked.) Nice nice job Cindy.

  3. Hi Cindy
    we especially like your last picture. Beautiful flowers, aren’t the? We have never seen a field of Ranuculi before.
    Thanks and cheers
    The Fab Four of Cley
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. Thanks much! Cheers back to all four of you & I trust you are enjoying Oslo. We are in the planning stages for a return to Norway and Greenland. Take good care დ

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    1. So happy it is! Thanks much my friend. Sorry for my delayed response. The WP gremlins put your comment in spam and I just found it. Cheers to you & take good care დ

  5. The first thought that came to mind was Susan Polis Schutz’s quote: “Let us dance in the sun, wearing wild flowers in our hair.” Spectacular photos – the colour adds life.

  6. The wow factor for me is huge Cindy. All we have is thigh deep snow here. Thanks for the spectacular colors. I’m envious of anyone taking pictures without a parka and big mitts.

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              1. Overly zealous security control by Akismet, who do security for WP.
                In this case it is important to check Spam regularly. Unfortunately many don’t know they should do that, or are afraid of their dashboard and its uses. Once someone is in Spam and never freed, the url can get a bad rap and the Spamming of it grows.
                When I had my issue, WP needed to know the first blog that my comments were not going through on. That was the root.

  7. “Just remember in the winter. Far beneath the bitter snows. Lies the seed that with the sun’s love
    In the spring becomes the rose.” These are fantastic, and burst not only with colour but with the happy that you point out. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Smiling….. Stay warm! Spring is around the corner, and snow is still burying the mountains around us. We will be skiing until July! Thank you Alison & cheers დ

  8. Gorgeous! Spring is truly dancing in those fields. Thank you for beautiful spring photos, and may you and your family have a blessed Easter, Cindy.

  9. What a happy Easter it is to see these beautiful flowers. I love Ranuculus. They feel so hopeful. At least something good came out of too much rain. 🙂 Happy Easter, Cindy.

      1. I do not like to compare my existence with anybody else, and am happy with everything I have. However, I cannot to resist to be delighted with awesome things somebody have.
        Have a wonderful weekend, Cindy!

  10. The daffs, and forsythia are gone… but soon up will be the Tiger Lilies!!
    I actually have some blooms on some stray apple trees that the birds gave me… 😀

          1. One of these days I need to put the plant ID app on my phone!! I’ve got this sticky burr type one that I think I can do without but it wants to take over!!

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