Alberta in Color~

Fall is falling in ethereal Alberta.

The Larch Trees,

are turning

glorious gold.

It snowed last night,

dusting the mountains with powder.

You can just see Jim here on the trail of gold!

Soon the larches will drop their needles and winter will arrive.

I have been surprised by wifi reception, but tomorrow we head further north and should be out of range.

Cheers to you from Alberta in the fall~

184 thoughts on “Alberta in Color~

  1. Beautiful country dear lady, showing its magic as it turns into that change of Autumn. Enjoy the wander my friend, and be careful with the bear hugs πŸ€£β€οΈπŸ™πŸ½

  2. Thank you for such glorious shots of Autumn!
    From me to you…
    “Amber, scarlet, ochre leaves
    drift down as light as whispers:
    to kiss this mother earth of ours
    like hushed and soft-sung vespers.

    The light is muted, delicate –
    sky quilted grey and blue
    as Zephyr’s cheeks, extended, blow
    awry the multi-coloured carpet,
    oh so new.”

    Peace & Love
    Joy Lennick

    1. Thanks so much Inese. You live in such a vast and beautiful country. I have been working steadily to get to as much of it as I can. It is a wonderful task. I am being more conservative though with travel now due to covid which is sad დ

    1. Yes! We went up high and got caught in a snowy blow. I took pictures of the snow falling and storm on the peaks. So beautiful the next morning with the snow on the mountains and trails დ

  3. β€œuntil I found the mountains
    where trees grew by themselves,
    there to greet the first men
    with thoughts expressed by rock

    Where flowers burst like songs
    from tongues of stones.”
    Sid Marty, writer/poet born Medicine Hat

    I LOVE Alberta autumns. A wonderful post, Cindy

    1. How moving! I love Medicine Hat and Alberta. Each day the colors get more amazing. The air feels different. Everything in the forest is quiet. Waiting. Winter in tip-toeing in. Cheers to you Rebecca დ

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  5. Beautiful photos, as always. We recently spent 4 days along the Big Sur coast at the New Camoldoli Hermitage (Lucia, which is really not anywhere). I think you would like this place. I’ll be posting photos and poems soon. Enjoy an electronic sabbatical. – Oscar

      1. We were overlooking the lodge about 800 up the slope. Unfortunately, the restarting had a fire last year is currently replaced with a food truck (though the staff said it was good, but then the next meal options would be Gorda, south, or Big Sur proper, north. Fortunately, the meals at the hermitage were simple, home cooked style.

  6. How beautiful are these? And why did I think you were Canadian?
    The air has cooled quite a bit in the Montreal area, this morning a chilly 6℃ (43℉). We are seeing signs, too.

  7. Gorgeous! Looks like an awesome expedition!
    P.S. I met a woman from Calgary last week who still has family there – she said it’s already cooler!
    Enjoy the weather and the beauty…

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