Muted fall colors, (click to enlarge)

and pale powder rivers.

Canada is gorgeous,

in every season,

but fall’s,

subtle splendor,

takes your breath away,

as does a gregarious gray jay!

Cheers to you from Yoho National Park in the fall~

182 thoughts on “Yoho~

  1. Beauty shots Cindy! If you take the foreground away from that waterfall,It looks very similar to Yosemite falls!
    We call those birds “Whisky Jacks” and never leave your bacon alone for a second!

  2. The last 2 photos are my favourites of these, Cindy. The grey jay is also called the Canada jay. There was a proposal a few years ago to make it the official bird of Canada, but I don’t believe the government has done that as yet.

  3. Eine atemberaubende Landschaft, ich bin froh, dass ich sie kennenlernen durfte. Ich habe allerdings nicht so großartige Fotos wie Du gemacht, vielen Dank dafür.

    1. Trains run all through this region. I imagine all the amazing sights the conductors must see over the course of their career. A lifetime of nature’s beauty დ

  4. Oh! This looks very familiar (having crossed Canada twice; though the second time, we did a lot more of these types of places, being just two of us…) I went in August both times so the colours were rather different. Beautiful images, Cindy.

  5. you got some spectacular scenery there cindy

    nice one!


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    1. Very happy you enjoyed Dani! The river seemed almost viscous, like jello, it bulges in a unusual way. It was mixed forcibly with glacial silt by the waterfall დ

    1. Yes he does, and so do we, but funnily enough, I think Ms. Jay gets lonely for human companionship over the long cold winter. One played with my husband first and he described it all to me. I couldn’t imagine what the bird could be, until later, this one came to play with me! დ

    1. Yes indeed. A local said to me, “People tell me I’m lucky I live here. I tell them I am not lucky, I planned well.”
      I told him, “You planned well and you’re lucky!” დ

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