Doors Off Moloka’i~

Check out,

a bird’s eye view,

of Moloka’i,

taken from a helicopter,

with the doors removed.

Oh, to be a bird and soar over these islands!

I flew solo with a skillful pilot named Nick.

No one in my family wanted to go with me.

I can’t imagine why not!

It was an incredible experience.

We flew over other places too, so stay tuned & Cheers to you from Moloka’i~

234 thoughts on “Doors Off Moloka’i~

  1. Beautiful, beautiful, Cindy. I love Hawaii – the water is compelling. We took a helicopter flight over Maui – the whole family – with gorgeous views of the canyons just off the ocean.,


  2. I’ve never been in a helicopter (doors or no!), so I’m fascinated by your experience. What a beautiful place to soar above — and I’m eagerly looking forward to more. Being land-locked here, I sometimes *hunger* for water views. Sigh.


  3. spectacular photos, Cindy! All those different blues are so beautiful! BTW, I was gone for a while so I just recently saw your comment about wishing I could teach art to your little grandsons! Oh, how I’d love that, too! I am so honored that you would say that! Thank you!


  4. Oh my gosh, Cindy! Your pictures are breathtaking! And I don’t understand your family. My husband and I went on a helicopter ride in Kuai and it was the best experience ever, Unfortunately we were four passengers and no doors were open so my pictures are NOTHING like yours!


  5. Reblogged this on Mitch Teemley and commented:
    My Featured Blogger this week is Cindy Knoke, photographer extraordinaire, whose images typically emanate from her home, “the Holler,” in rural California (yes, there is such a thing). But in this case, they’re a birds-eye view of paradise, namely the Hawaiian island of Moloka’i (“land of abundance”). They’re refreshing just to look at. Imagine being there!


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