Doors Off Moloka’i~

Check out,

a bird’s eye view,

of Moloka’i,

taken from a helicopter,

with the doors removed.

Oh, to be a bird and soar over these islands!

I flew solo with a skillful pilot named Nick.

No one in my family wanted to go with me.

I can’t imagine why not!

It was an incredible experience.

We flew over other places too, so stay tuned & Cheers to you from Moloka’i~

234 thoughts on “Doors Off Moloka’i~

  1. You certainly made the most of that flight. Beautiful island. The added bonus of flying over the water is that you can see into it somewhat and get a sense of the depths and underwater landscape.

  2. Wow, quite an experience. A beautiful place. Coincidentally I have a post coming up soon about this place. Father Damian was a Belgian priest who cared for leprosy sufferers on the leper colony on Moloka’i in the 19th century.

  3. Wow! That is an impressive view! My dad always wanted to fly helicopters when he was in the military but was color blind. I just have a hard time with not having my feet on terra firma. But you never know. It might be worth the fear. 🙂

  4. You are a brave soul, my friend! It’s funny that in my dreams I fly a lot but in real life, I have a fear of heights. But it’s worth it to fight my fears to fly over a landscape like that. 😍

    1. I wondered if I would be scared as I have never been in a heli, especially with the doors off, but the experience was so visually amazing, I was never a bit scared. The pilot was competent, which helped a lot. დ

        1. I have been in small bush planes, and float planes many times and loved it, but doors helo was so awesome. I was in the co-pilot seat. It would be so much fun to take some lessons დ

  5. Beautiful images Lovely weather. Next time you can try the same with an advanced specification drone. You can also make lovely videos for sure. As the nature is always amazing with good weather.

    1. It would be perfect for photographing the Java Finches in the tree that I am having a terrible time capturing. There is a drone havering over the tree right now. I am sure it will get great footage. Still the experience of actually being in the heli is pretty priceless. დ

      1. Yes for sure I agree. Taking pics while flying is a marvelous experience. Drone can give the best output. Sometimes what we can’t see from far can be captured easily and good for movie making and short clips. I am sure you enjoyed the flying hour. Have a nice day.

    1. How exciting Audrey that you have done this so many times. It must have been gorgeous in BC. We will be there in times for the leaves to turn, gives me some ideas! დ

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  7. Wow, these are incredible Cindy. It is a different angle to the world for sure. In one shot you were even up in the clouds 🤣 I can just imagine your next request to come back down here…an eagle please 🤣❤️🙏🏽

  8. What beautiful pictures! One can hardly imagine that Moloka’i once has been a Leprosy Colony. There is a statue in Honolulu to honor the Belgian Father Damien that for decades selflessly took care of all the sick people that had been banned there…
    Stay safe, dear Cindy!

    1. Yes. An appropriate memorial for our time of pandemic. I read a lot about the colony and Father Damian. Hansens Disease isn’t all that contagious. Those poor people, shunned in paradise დ

  9. Locations like this…I would certainly have a tough time trying to decide if I wanted to view them in the air…walk them…or swim them. Guess I’d have to do it all, huh? Beautiful photos of a beautiful part of the world.

    1. Yes. That blew me away too. You could see all the reefs, sand, seaweed, and even sea turtles. It was so clear. It is supposed to be incredible in the winter when the whales come დ

  10. Beautiful, beautiful, Cindy. I love Hawaii – the water is compelling. We took a helicopter flight over Maui – the whole family – with gorgeous views of the canyons just off the ocean.,

  11. I’ve never been in a helicopter (doors or no!), so I’m fascinated by your experience. What a beautiful place to soar above — and I’m eagerly looking forward to more. Being land-locked here, I sometimes *hunger* for water views. Sigh.

  12. spectacular photos, Cindy! All those different blues are so beautiful! BTW, I was gone for a while so I just recently saw your comment about wishing I could teach art to your little grandsons! Oh, how I’d love that, too! I am so honored that you would say that! Thank you!

    1. Well it is absolutley the truth and so very well deserved on your part. They would so love to be your students. You have talent and gentleness which are double blessings დ

  13. Oh my gosh, Cindy! Your pictures are breathtaking! And I don’t understand your family. My husband and I went on a helicopter ride in Kuai and it was the best experience ever, Unfortunately we were four passengers and no doors were open so my pictures are NOTHING like yours!

    1. I am so glad you experienced this Dale! It is incredible isn’t it. The no doors part was awesome. You could feel the wind and banked turns had you looking straight down into the sea. My daughter is going on the next one with me დ

    1. Yes. Exactly. I was fearful beforehand too, but it was the opposite of a fearful experience. It was peaceful transcedence. My daughter wants to go on the next one with me! I hope she finds it to be the same დ

    1. It is an incredible experience isn’t it. It is now my goal to do more of these over amazing locations. I’ve already booked one with my daughter. She’s gutsy….. დ

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    My Featured Blogger this week is Cindy Knoke, photographer extraordinaire, whose images typically emanate from her home, “the Holler,” in rural California (yes, there is such a thing). But in this case, they’re a birds-eye view of paradise, namely the Hawaiian island of Moloka’i (“land of abundance”). They’re refreshing just to look at. Imagine being there!

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