North Rim~

Aspens with their new summer leaves in the Kaibab Forest.

Sunlit view from the North Rim. (Click to enlarge and see The Colorado River.)

Landscape near Lee’s Ferry.

The Colorado.

Horseshoe Bend.

We entered here for a seven day raft trip when the kids were younger. I will never forget the sound of the rockslides in Marble Canyon at night,

or the lizards doing pushups by my sleeping bag when I woke in the morning.

Cheers to you from the resident chuckwalla~

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  1. Wow! Those place names remind me of Edward Abbey’s book The Monkey Wrench Gang. And your photos are gorgeous. I’m going to have to get off my butt and plan a trip to the area!

  2. Beautiful country dear lady, and I love the lizard doing early morning pushups. I bet he was next to you snuggling your lovely energy overnight, it can get lonely in those isolated places πŸ˜‚ 🀣 ❀️ πŸ™πŸ½

  3. The views are absolutely gorges. And it’s good to see the push up king. Lol! ⃛(β›ΰΈ±β—‘ΛœΰΉ‘)❀️❀️❀️🌈🌈🌈

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  5. Wonderful photos of a beautiful region. Most people prefer the South Rim, but I’ve been to the North Rim twice and like it better than the crowded South Rim.

  6. WOW, Wow, and WOW!….. Loved those views… The rockslides I would imagine a little unnerving at times… And glad we don’t have lizards when camping in the UK lol… πŸ™‚
    Sending love <3

    1. Thank you very much Sue. The rockslides were unnerving, but oddly thrilling at the same time. It was pitch dark and you would listen to them rumble around you like the canyon was alive. დ

  7. Very awe inspiring Cindy! You go to very interesting places!
    Are you familiar with the largest canyon in the solar system?
    Valles Marineris is not just the largest canyon on Mars, but at 4000 km long, 200 km wide and 10 km deep it is the largest in the entire Solar System.

      1. Rainbow canyons are special. Chuckwalls are about 20 inches long, but very stocky and weigh up to two pounds. They blow themselves up like blowfish when predators try to pry them out of cracks and crevices.

    1. It absolutely is. Sleeping at night above the roar of the biggest falls you are going to raft through in the morning definitely gets your full attention. დ

    1. No not at all. There is not one view spot buy many. There were people. It’s summer, but it wasn’t a problem and it wasn’t jammed. Everyone could stake out places and swith them. I have been off season when it was empty დ

  8. The pictures just reminds of the real experience when you actually there, You feel really small and grand view you experience. Oh, the little guy did the exercise near you sleeping bag would freak me out though πŸ™‚ But that is cool once you get over that πŸ™‚

    1. Well, we had no tents. Frequently we camped on rock ledges. There is no place to peg a tent. We slept in the open with the critters! It was a very memorable trip დ

  9. Stunning photos, Cindy!
    I hope this river is in as good a shape, as it is gorgeous!
    I see so many stories about Lake Mead drying up. Are they connected?

    1. Oh yes. They are connected. Lake Mead is about to reach deadpool status. All of the southwestern US is under extreme drought conditions. You can see the toll everywhere with heat, fires, sick trees and marked reduction in bird and wildlife numbers. California is worse in every category except for bird numbers დ

      1. Ah, now I understand Cindy. Your previous post where I could feel ‘wrong’ everywhere was the drought. It didn’t click. We’re getting flooding everywhere again over here in Oz, up to 400mm in two days, I’ll send some across β€οΈπŸ™πŸ½
        Sorry to butt in Resa, but your comment answered something that was puzzling me no end. Thank you, it is very appreciated πŸ˜€

        1. It is sad and has been going on for so many years now. So many dead and dying pine forests, practically no birds in Colorado, wildlife not present as normal, eveything feels depleted, dry, ready for fire. All the lakes and rivers are way too low. Insects are way out of whack and in far too large population numbers. There are plagues of hundreds of thousands of moths on the north rim. They creep through screens and under doors at night. Some kind of strange spider that is not endemic is wrapping large birds up in spider webs and eating them. I have photos to prove it, but no source I found can explain it. The only bird eating spiders are not supposed to live anywhere near here.

          1. Wow, that is terrible Cindy, it is all crazy. Everything is so out of kilter. And that spider is something else. We’ve had a mite that has slipped into Australia that is now wrecking all the bee’s across the country, all it takes is that out of balance time to really change things. I’ll pray for some rain dear lady, and a few spider eating birds πŸ˜€β€οΈπŸ™πŸ½

              1. Then welcome aboard dear lady, it is the biggest island in the world so come with plenty of time, digital storage and a hat if it’s summer πŸ€£β€οΈπŸ™πŸ½

                  1. It does that to you doesn’t it, always something further on or around the next bend. And so many landscapes or birds and animals. Whatever you decide dear lady, bring plenty of time with you πŸ˜€β€οΈπŸ™πŸ½

    1. Just read the previous comment. How horrid to learn of the horrific effects of the drought… picturing what Lake Mead (and the other reservoirs) must look like these days is enough to bring on nightmares.

      1. It is horrific. I haven’t posted photos. They are disturbing. Thousands of moths crawling through the screens and large birds wrapped up in spiders webs.

  10. We didn’t drive to the North Rim on our return from California last year because that day woud have been too long, but we did go and see Horseshoe Bend.

    1. That is is the nature of travel and life isn’t it. One can try, but one can’t possibly see everything. It’s the trying that makes the joy დ

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        1. The USA airports can land the planes, sometimes, but there is no one to guide the planes to the gate, unload the baggage, clean the bathrooms, or direct the passengers. All of those people who held those jobs before covid have decided they have better things to do with their lives. I am very happy for them. Crisis does breed opportunity. If you do come to my more than troubled country, please let me know, I will pick you up at the airport, but I can’t guarantee we won’t be shot before we reach The Holler. All shooters at The Holler will be killed by the coyote packs. Wolfies and coyotes are good that way, they share 99+ % of their DNA and they don’t like people with guns დ

          1. Good to know USA πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ airports πŸ›« are just as bad as UK πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ ones! We’re obviously in good company πŸ˜‰ I would love to come to your country, troubled or not. I have dreamed of such a trip since forever. The risk of getting shot (or stabbed) is increasing all the time here…but we don’t have any coyote packs to kill the perpetrators! More’s the pity! Can you lend us some of yours?!!😁

    1. Thank you very much Carmen. Yes, it was eerie. I was hoping it was gila monster. I have never seen one, and they occupy space in my mind growing up in the southwest დ

  12. I don’t know what it is exactly about the views of this marvelous geological formation that makes them endlessly fascinating, but I sure can stare at your photos all day long! 😍 That lizard neighbor of yours is a dapper fellow. LOL!

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