157 thoughts on “Holler Home~

  1. Hello Cindy! Thanks for the sign of life. πŸ˜‰ Great to hear from you, and as it seems you are having a great stay, there in the Holler. Be furthermore more, stay secure, and enjoy all the wonderful birds and mysterious animals you are having there. :-)) Best wishes, Michael

  2. Wow!! This is beautiful, what a great place to call home!! FYI thank you so much for visiting my blogs, and liking them. I can’t tell you how much that means to me–when you are such a busy person–with so many other things you could be doing. I really appreciate it!

  3. Welcome back home, Cindy. Wherever we go to discover new interesting and beautiful places, the time to come back home is coming anyway. What could be better than home? Just your own sweet home. Enjoy your days at home!

    1. Please, my dear friend Alexander, enjoy your life too! My favorite relative was Uncle Alexander. He was the chair of the Department of Mathematics at The University in Sophia Bulgaria. I was so close to naming my daughter Alexandra. I settled on Andrea. It is a derivative and totally a cross culture name. I love the whole historical meaning of your name, and you of course. Stay safe and well my friend დ

      1. Thank you, Cindy. I try to enjoy and be grateful for every single day of my life. I am just an ordinary person with an ordinary demands, this is why I am happy about everything I have.
        Actually, I got my name in honor of my uncle, my mother’s brother, who died during the Second World War. Regarding your daughter’s name I can say, that I did it for you. πŸ™‚ My younger daughter’s name is Alexandra.
        Have a wonderful Day!

    1. Yes. Thank you. This is a beautiful, albeit over-crowded area. I was born and raised just there. I had so many birthdays in Torrey Pines. My family is still there. I like the lesser crowded and known parts of the place I grew up in დ

    1. Oh, Canada! Welcome home Teresa! So happy you have two homes, one of which is the ultimately amazing Canada. We’re due to fly there to catch the leaves turning in late September. I so hope covid lets us go. Stay safe and well dear friend დ

      1. I do feel lucky to have a second home (and a citizenship) in Canada! ❀️ We were well-masked and managed to fly there and back, and hang out with friends and family, without catching Covid. Even with being doubly-boosted, there’s no guarantee we wouldn’t catch it if we were less careful. I hope you’ll have an easy time getting in and out. I was in Vancouver (B.C.); which province will you be headed to?

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