Rock Talk~

This is Picture Canyon in Arizona.

The canyon is covered in petroglyphs,

that are 800-1300 years old.

The oldest petroglyphs are geometric in nature.

Later rock art depicts animals, rivers, planets and human figures.

This is The Mojave Desert in the southwestern US,

and it is where Jim and I went hunting for hidden petroglyphs.

There is historical rock art all over the southwestern United States. Most thought to be 800 to 1000 years old. Much of it hidden and unpublicized. I even found some at The Holler.

Here is the blogger that led us here. I have no idea who he is, but, as we all know, bloggers are precious resources:

Below are some links to my prior posts about more amazing southwestern pictographs and petroglyphs, much of it quite older:

Cheers to you from The Talking Rocks of the Southwest~

160 thoughts on “Rock Talk~

  1. Fascinating. We had an Indian guide in Canyon de Chelle… he gave us some interpretations of the petroglyphs and pegrographs found there. Some great history there. Lucky some of it has been preserved.


    • I am glad you have experienced this. Canyon de Chelly is stunning. I first visited there when I was 14. Their were no guides then. You just went on your own. We were alone in the canyon. It was incredible დ


  2. First of all, Happy Independence Day!
    I am wondering and surprised to see this writing on the stones in US. I’ve never seen that kind of ancient Art in US. How is it possible to survive for hundreds or even thousands years under the weather conditions. Thank you for sharing, Cindy. 🙂


    • Petroglyphs are carved into rock, so they can last. The carving cuts into lighter rock that stands out and stands the test of time. Pictographs are painted onto rock using resins. The resin is lighter than the rock and thus is easily seen. Rock art is found all over the world. The oldest petroglyphs in the US are 15,000 years old and are in Arizona. The extreme dryness of the desert helps in their preservation. Other pictos and petros are in caves or under overhangs which protect them. The oldest petroglyphs in the world are in Iran and are over 40,000 years old. They are also in the desert. I think the most concentration of petroglyphs is in Utah and this is where I have seen the best and the most.

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      • That’s ery sweet of you Cindy 😊 Thank you! I’m currently roasting alive in temperatures rarely known in the UK and tomorrow will be worse!🌞🔥 It’s tough being an Icewolf when the mercury’s heading for 40°C😉 On the other paw🐾 we have had Bison🦬 reintroduced to the UK somewhere in Kent😃This is an excellent new addition to the Icewolfie dietary menu!!😜😅It’s a little warm🔥🏖for hunting just now but in a week or two…and the Bisonn will be nicely settled in by then 😀 👍 so yes…all is pretty good I would say😄 And how about yourself? Besides posting beautiful and inspirational blog posts! ✨️ I would like to know how you are too🤗


        • I read about the bison, which I think is utterly awesome. I didn’t know they were in Kent. Looking now, above my computer, at my grandfather’s charcoal sketch of Churchill, I can almost imagine Churchill might be happy seeing bison gallomping all over The Kentish countryside. They have been reintroduced to Bulgaria too, a few years back, where my grandfather came from. I am doing as well as can be expected in a world that is going to hell in a handbasket. Thank you for asking. It is lovely to talk with you დ


          • I think your grandfather would love to see them – we’re very excited to have them in Kent, they look magnificent in the photos. Interesting to learn they have also been reintroduced to 🇧🇬 I didn’t know that it had been Bison land there!


          • I’m glad you’re bearing up in this crazy 🤪 world we’re struggling to co tinge inhabiting! It’s not an easy task is it?🤔 I must apologise for the delay in responding…I asked and really did want to know how you were doing. Unfortunately I was then plunged into a long stretch of hospital visits when my friend was rushed into hospital at short notice. Said friend is now home and recovering but all that sitting in taxis and in uncomfortable hospital bedside chairs 💺 🙃 landed me up with nasty old back! So loads of walking and no sitting 😅 and ultimately no social media time till now! Playing catch-up but still got the heat pads and can’t sit too long for now🤨So I wasn’t being shallow and rude when I didn’t respond! But I feel like I am, and I want you to know I really do care, and I am genuinely wanting to know how you are in yourself and how things are in your life 😊


            • No worries. I am very sorry about your friend, and your back. I hate hospitals so I can fully relate to your discomfort. They are cold and miserable places. I hope your back improves daily and you give yourself lots of TLC while it does and I hope your friend continues to feel better. All is well here. Thank you for caring and for asking. Take good care. დდ


  3. I don’t like to think the world is going to hell in a handbasket (your comment to europaswolf), but some days my mood dips low enough that I agree. I feel we are sliding back toward the last century — first with a pandemic. Now with a build up of intolerance. Yet many, many people are lovely. And you are one. You give me hope. Long may you blog.


    • I hear you. The good people far outnumber the bad, which is so true, but we have a hard time actually becomming assertive. Hope floats and flies. And I fly and float with hope. If it was the last century it would be more hopeful. There are however problems now that make things more serious than they have ever been. Watching California burn over the last years, the sequoias are in the face of unremitting fire now. Seeing fires repeated across Europe and Australia is sad. Watching California lakes and rivers recede and reach dead pool status. Not wanting to read US news because of the innocents that will have been shot, everyday now, by enraged and hopeless young white boy/men who feel this is their best hope for themselves, with parents who buy them guns. Hope floats and flies, but when reality sucks and stinks like it does now, we need to know it. I have three year old twin grandsons. I would like the world to not be so terrible for them. I know you want the same. What should we do?

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      • We should lobby for gun control. Or move to a place that already has it. I think about that, too. How do we help young men feel connected? It’s not an easy world to be part of, that is certainly true. It feels like we’re sliding backward.


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