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  1. Looks like a great place to camp and explore Cindy! I just read up on them and found the “Lost Dutchman gold mine” is in these mountains, but after reading further it looked like a story fabricated by a guy on his death bed. He needed to explain where he had gotten his gold……..which was stolen.

  2. Great shots, Cindy!
    At least you are travelling where you can.
    I bet you are looking FORWARD to travelling abroad again!
    Take care!

    1. We are actually going to get on a couple of planes in the next 6 months, after we have our 4th vaccine. We are heading your way in a couple of months, in time to see the leaves change and say hello to some bears! დ

      1. Okay! Sounds good. I’m getting a 4th as well. Cases are up in Canada. They say it’s because of dropping mask mandates too, early, and waning vaccine efficacy!

        1. It is important how to time it. There is not a lot of infection circulating here now, but I suspect there will be in the fall and the vaccines don’t last that long as you mentioned. We are going on two trips that require flights, so I will wait until a few weeks before that for the fourth. Glad you are getting one too.

  3. Such a beautiful, yet stark, place! I don’t think I’ve ever heard of it before. Thank you, Cindy, for bringing it to my attention.

  4. I’ve been going through my crafty things… Painting is something I’d like to do.
    So far though I’ve just spray painted a birdhouse gourd – I hope a birdie calls it home…

    Best to you ~ Jules

      1. It took two years or more for one ‘house’ – I’m not sure if I should try cleaning it out – the one only had the entrance hole. I figure that if another bird wanted ‘in’ they’d clean it out?

        1. Well this is a problem. We have a barn owl box on a very high steel pole, with no clean out panel. It took years for the barn owls to nest in it. When they did, they nested every year, and I got to get pretty close to the chicks. They abandoned the box this year, and I know it is because it is filled with debris. I can’t get at it to clean it, because it is on this super high steal pole. One does need to clean out nest boxes for the health of birds and for them to re-nest. დ

          1. Our one son keeps owl nesting boxes. He puts up new ones… last year anyway one set of owls chose to use one that was practically falling apart. I guess I should try and clean out that one ‘house’ soon, even if I have to use tweeszrs. 🙂

            I did discover that on another ‘house’ I have that has a hole for birds and one for butterflies, that at least the bird part does have a clean out hole.

            I’ll have to wait and see if anyone chooses the gourd house this year. 🙂

              1. I only have three. I know some folks who have many more. I started cleaning out the one, but I will need some kind of tweezer! 😀

    1. Thank you Eliza. We have had recent rains, which has turned everything green, but we are still below average in rainfall. Still the spring bloom is lovely დ

  5. The desert in all its awesome beauty! Have you had enough rain yet to have the cacti burst out in bloom? All those luscious flowers showing off their colors… it’s an amazing sight.

    1. Yes, the bloom is on! We are still in drought conditions, but there has been recent rains, so I am expecting quite a bloom. You’re right. It is an amazing sight დ

      1. I had Prickly Pear cacti in my front yard when I lived in Texas. Love those things. They are tasty to eat and I had a supervisor that knew how to make Prickly Pear jelly.

          1. It was delicious. His was more of a pinky-purple, tho… He also made Mesquite bean jelly, too. Of course, part of the process was getting the beans “after” they had passed thru a cow. LOL!

              1. LOL! Yeah. I had a bit of a gut reaction when he was describing the process…after I’d had some jelly on toast. It was good, though. He assured me that the beans were well washed and the boiling process would kill any bacteria.

    1. Oh, yes, many times. We live about and hour and half from the desert and I spend lots of time there. The superblooms are amazing, as well as the moths and hawks that accompany them დ

  6. I love your photography. I wrote a blog on “Strong Marriages” and saw a nice comment you left on another marriage post I wrote way back in the day, as my kids would say. Thank you. I hope you are having a great day!

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  8. Arizona is such a lovely state. Your photos inspired me to write poetry. The stately cacti watch over the landscape, strong and silent. Thank you for the great post. Monet would also have been inspired.

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