Portraits of Woody~

Woody likes to people watch!

And he loves grape jelly,

which is why I glopped it in the palm trees,

for him and his friends.

He is shy, but quite a handsome fellow.

Herbert the Cat likes to watch him too!

Cheers to you from all The Holler Critters~

263 thoughts on “Portraits of Woody~

  1. Knock, knock, knock, knock! Wow these pics of Pope Woody are simply impeckable. And I have so much respeck for you, my amazing friend. (βŽβΜ΄Μ›Ν‚β–ΏβΜ΄Μ›Ν‚βŽ)*✲゚*q⋆❀️❀️❀️

  2. I love Acorn Woodpeckers but I think I’ve told you before that I have some trypophobia and the holes they poke make me feel like ants are crawling up my arm. πŸ˜†πŸ˜œ You kitty cat is GORGEOUS!!! ❀️ The name Herbert suits him!

    1. Yes, you did tell me, and that feeling sounds seriously unpleasant. I am so sorry you face this challenge. Herbert is catastic. He likes to stare at your eyes!!! Stay safe & well Teresa დ

    1. Thank you Eliza. And yes, Herbert is very handsome, and very intelligent. He expects people to know this, which maybe why he stares so intently in your eyes and will not break contact. It is a bit disconcerting πŸ˜‰

  3. Wow! Amazing photos! I love Woody and Herbert, just hope Herbert has another dinner… Ha,ha,ha, sorry my sense of humor. Thanks for sahre Cindy.
    Have a wonderful time!

  4. Love your Woody shots Cindy they are so clear and close. Also love the coloring of the bird and that first pic reminds me of the cartoon character and gave me a chuckle πŸ™‚

    1. Woody the Woodpecker, and Meep Meep in the cartoons, just can’t hold a candle to the beauty of the real deal. But I like that the cartoonist artists who lived here awhile ago, captured a bit of the essence of their personalities. Obviously, they loved them too დ

    1. We have so many birds at The Holler, and coyote packs too, which is why Herbert is an indoor cat, and why birds seem to purposely taunt him, especially the fly catchers who shelter under our patios on winter nights and catch bugs like nobody’s business. Herbert is riveted by this spectacle all night long and clacks his jaws, clack, clack, clack, clack. The birds are silent, but Herbert is clacking. Take good care Anne დ

    1. Herbert loves you as I do. He is so impressed you got Emily inside! So am I. Herbert the Catastic Cadillac is the Master of every human stare down contest. He stares unendingly in your eyes without blinking. It is remarkable and disconcerting. It seems he is peering directly into your soul. Take good care Gigi დდ

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    1. You know! Woodpeckers at The Holler are seriously shy birds, lots of the most beautiful birds are. Woodpeckers only come close because of the jelly. They are very smart. Awesome that you sensed this დ

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  7. Woody is a beautiful ! I think he’d say, “Thanks for the grape jelly and for keeping Herbert inside.” We had downy woodpeckers and red-headed woodpeckers in the forest hehind our house. Isn’t it amazing that God created them with shock absorbers in their head? I find all God’s creatures fascinating and amusing!


  8. What a pretty kitty (the birdie, too, but I’m especially mesmerized by the cat’s eyes!) Yes, I imagine Herbert usually keeps the birds in view, much the way Monkey does with squirrels!

    1. Herbert tends to stare endlessly and directly in your eyes. He doesn’t break the stare. It’s like he is seeing into your soul. Cats are funny watching squirrels! დ

    1. He was a rescued kitten living with his mother and litter mates under a dumpster in Los Angeles. When I rang the bell at the rescue, he ran to the door. I said, on sight, “He’s adopted.”
      He is just something.
      If you settled in here at The Holler, he would eventually approach you, stare intensely at you continuously, forever, as if he was searching your deepest soul.

  9. Geez, you should be in National Geographic, Cindy. Your composition is exquisite, your balance is on point, the color is spot on, the subjects divine, a perfect balance. You need a NG cover!β™₯️

  10. Your photographs are always a pleasure to view Cindy. Thank you for sharing.

    Great to see handsome Herbert getting blogtime!

    Hoping all is well in the Holler.


    Acorn Woody, now there’s a guy,
    A handsome Pecker, pretty fly,
    He dark hooded, with swarthy shawl,
    A red-tipped fella, bound to enthrall.
    Everybody knows, he likes to pose,
    It’s part of his merry jape:
    He’ll pause to still for avian thrill,
    If tempted with jellied grape.
    Perched high up in a palming-tree,
    He feigns interest in you and me,
    If truth be told he’s not much fussed,
    It’s Herbert who leaves him nonplussed!

    1. OH HOW I LOVE THIS!!! I have missed you Dewin. This is a brilliant and utterly delightful poem. You capture the essence of everything here. Thank you for making my heart smile. I hope all is well with you my friend დდდ

      1. Smiles all round Cindy, thank you!

        Your wonderful photographs and artful commentary are always a joy: you have great affinity with wildlife that shines brightly in all your images, especially those depicting avian friends. My little rhyme in appreciation of your hard work. Thank you.

        As for Herbert, my, hasn’t he grown to become king of cats! A very handsome fellow indeed.

        All is well this side of the great puddle Cindy, thank you, (the new post-covid ‘normal’ is upon us) as I trust and hope it is for you and yours in the Holler. Stay safe and well,


  11. Oh my goodness!! I LOVE him!! He’s so sporty and reeks of personality!!

    And how on earth did you realize it was a good idea to use grape jelly!! Ingenious!!

    Happy Saturday! Hoping all is good there for you!

    1. Cheers back to you my friend. I <3 my friends who <3 birds! I discovered they loved jelly by chance, when I was putting the jelly out for the orioles. They showed up in droves for dessert and I was thrilled because they are normally very shy and timid little guys. They let me approach them with the jelly. Thanks so much for your kind thoughts my friend დ

      1. We adore birds, and love to watch for them to come get the seed we have set on a timer to scatter! We also like to watch for the more elusive sort in the large oak trees over our deck, woodpeckers occasionally among them!

        Grape jelly! I can’t wait to tell Jerry (Batman)!

        Have a happy week!! πŸ’›

    1. I put the jelly out to attract the orioles and all of sudden a bunch of woodpeckers came to dine. I had no idea they liked grape jelly and they are usually quite shy and elusive. So I glopped jelly on the palm tree and they allowed me to approach and take their portraits. I love them. We have flickers too, but they are even shyer.

    1. I actually put out the jelly for the orioles, but then hordes of woodpeckers showed up to dine, so I glopped it in the trees and these elusive beauties actually tolerated my presence! I had no idea they liked grape jelly either დ

    1. We are all in love with Herbert the Cat. He sits and stares into your eyes and never stops. It is uncanny (uncatty). It is as if he is staring into your deepest soul which I am certain is exactly what he is doing დ

      1. My cats do that as well along with long, slow blinks that mean “I love you” in cat speak. I have a baker’s dozen, so It is a little uncatty for sure when all these cat eyes are peering into my soul often at the same time.

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