Stay Away~

from my elk,

said the big red bear.

The elk were happy to have us around,

we distracted Mr. Bear.

I always agree with wild bears,

regardless of what they say.

I couldn’t bear that I didn’t have my wildlife camera,

and had to settle for shooting with my non-zoom lens,

when Mr. Bear showed up with barely a sound, and surprised us!

Cheers to you from The Sierra Nevadas~

218 thoughts on “Stay Away~

  1. Gr8 pix despite not having the zoom lens.

    Looks like the bear is a color variant of what we call a “black” bear (Ursus americanus).  The color here is just like the color of a “red” fox and was new to me as a color for some bears.


  2. Wonderful experiences. I wonder sometimes if our cameras come between us and the wildlife but I long for a really good zoom camera!


    • I think cameras on tripods would interfere for me. I want to move within nature. I don’t want to be stationary watching wildlife far away with a telescope camera. It is almost like not being there. დ


  3. Oh goodness! That wasn’t with a zoom lens? He looks so close! Are they dangerous? I’m glad you’re okay. Yes, agree with everything they say for sure. Except if he says, “Hello lunch.” They are omnivores, right? These photos are so gorgeous! Thank you for sharing them. β™₯.


    • Bears can definitely do this, and it is alarming, but it usually is the other way around, a human appears, without making noise and surprises/alarms the bear, which is just never a good idea, for the human, or the bear დ


  4. So lolevy to watch the wilderness and the happiness of the wild animals in nature. I’m so happy for that you that opportunity to travel around this wonderful areas.
    Gorgeous to see awesome views and amazing photos of all animals πŸ‘Œgreetings from πŸ‡·πŸ‡΄


      • Always a pleasure Cindy 🌷 Of course I will stay safe β˜˜οΈπŸ’š Thank you so much for all your visits on my blogsite. I hope you can read and understand the language after translation πŸ€—
        Best greetz to you too πŸ’


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