Stay Away~

from my elk,

said the big red bear.

The elk were happy to have us around,

we distracted Mr. Bear.

I always agree with wild bears,

regardless of what they say.

I couldn’t bear that I didn’t have my wildlife camera,

and had to settle for shooting with my non-zoom lens,

when Mr. Bear showed up with barely a sound, and surprised us!

Cheers to you from The Sierra Nevadas~

218 thoughts on “Stay Away~

  1. Ikes! No zoom, yet such gorgeous shots of the bear and elk! Hopefully you weren’t tooooo close to them! Lovely shots and wonderful story to go with them 🙂

  2. Oh my goodness! Lucky Elk. Lucky you! What a close call to be surprised by that big fella. How does that saying go? Sometimes you get the bear. Sometimes the bear gets you. This time you got the bear – on camera. And they all lived happily ever after. Really exciting story to see, Cindy. Best, Babsje

    1. Smiling……Love your commentary. When we went to see the polar bears, my son bought a shirt saying. “Canadian Fast Food,” depicting a person running from a polar bear 😉

    1. He was itching, itching and itching, on pine tree needles and bark, and he swam in the lake. I watched him for at least an hour. I don’t know if it is mange, an injury healing or what. დ

  3. Beautiful scenery. We had something like this on our way from Palo Alto to Carson City, around Lake Tahoe.
    I love your wildlife shots.

  4. Hi Cindy , Glad to see you following my blog, you are always my fav blogger here in WP and follow your posts since long. I appreciate your time on my web page. Pls come back again sooner. Happy sunday and cheers.

  5. Holy Cannoli !! That bear is a bruiser. Hi Cindy ! I see you’re still tripping through the wilderness, tempting fate 😁 So this bad boys photo is taken without a zoom? Glad he wasn’t hungry. Looks beautiful there too 💛 xK

    1. Smiling…..I think he was mostly really itchy. He scratched on every available tree trunk, fought with young pine trees so they would scratch his itches, and swam in the lake for relief. Poor bear დ

    1. So smiling….I loved Cinnabear too. He was so beleaguered by itching and scratching and swimming, he really didn’t find us all that interesting! Smart bear დ

  6. The landscape looks like in northern Scandinavia but we never saw a bear there. Yes, we agree with the Freidenkerin, it looks like the Bavarian Alps as well.
    Great wildlife pics.
    Thanks for sharing
    The Fab Four of Cley
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. Thank you more for your thoughtful appreciation my friend, Mountains and forests, worldwide, are wonderfully beautiful places. I hope we are able to get back to northern Scandinavia soon დ

  7. Wow, how great to be so close to the bear, Cindy! Scary! Fantastic photos, and how beautifully you captured the red of this individual. I’ve never seen a bear so red. Thanks for these lovely moments in the Sierras.

  8. Your photos are beautiful, Cindy, but that final one takes the prize! Such a tranquil setting — I can practically feel my heart rate drop as I stare at that lovely water and majestic mountain!

  9. Wise move Cindy, to stay away from those bears. Do you have any moose down there? You want to stay away from them too.
    Leslie xoxo

  10. Gr8 pix despite not having the zoom lens.

    Looks like the bear is a color variant of what we call a “black” bear (Ursus americanus).  The color here is just like the color of a “red” fox and was new to me as a color for some bears.

    1. “The camera that is with you is the one that is the best.” I love this! Very Zen. And agree with you, bears can be unbearably disagreeable to humans who argue with them 😉

  11. Georgina

    Wonderful experiences. I wonder sometimes if our cameras come between us and the wildlife but I long for a really good zoom camera!

    1. I think cameras on tripods would interfere for me. I want to move within nature. I don’t want to be stationary watching wildlife far away with a telescope camera. It is almost like not being there. დ

  12. Oh goodness! That wasn’t with a zoom lens? He looks so close! Are they dangerous? I’m glad you’re okay. Yes, agree with everything they say for sure. Except if he says, “Hello lunch.” They are omnivores, right? These photos are so gorgeous! Thank you for sharing them. ♥.

    1. Smiling…..It was with some zoom, but not enough. He was close-ish, but not too close for safety. Bears are omnivores. They eat lots of plants, but if they are looking at you like lunch, it would be a bad day for you. Love to you Niki & thank you დ

    1. Bears can definitely do this, and it is alarming, but it usually is the other way around, a human appears, without making noise and surprises/alarms the bear, which is just never a good idea, for the human, or the bear დ

  13. So lolevy to watch the wilderness and the happiness of the wild animals in nature. I’m so happy for that you that opportunity to travel around this wonderful areas.
    Gorgeous to see awesome views and amazing photos of all animals 👌greetings from 🇷🇴

    1. What a beautiful comment. Makes me happy. Thank you very much. I love your photography of our beautiful natural world and I love the gorgeous Netherlands! Take good care and stay safe my friend დ

      1. Always a pleasure Cindy 🌷 Of course I will stay safe ☘️💚 Thank you so much for all your visits on my blogsite. I hope you can read and understand the language after translation 🤗
        Best greetz to you too 💐

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