On The Road Again…..Finally~

California has fully reopened,

so we are on the move again.

We are taking a driving trip,

up the west coast.

The is The Central California Coast (click to see the surfers),

in The Big Sur region.

The sun is shining,

some light rain falls,

And the elephant seals are here!

Cheers to you from Big Sur California~

207 thoughts on “On The Road Again…..Finally~

  1. I loved this area and hoped to travel to Big Sur. Gene found a beautiful condo on the ocean with a wrap around deck “Tickle Me Pink” in Carmel. On our driving trip I could see the bridge over Bixby Creek and told him I couldn’t do it. Fear of heights you know… – if you’ve been over it you know what I mean! Great memories and my future husband learned a thing or two about me ๐Ÿ™‚

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    • I am so glad you did this! It is special. We are now north of San Fran, in Pt Reyes for a few days, before we head further north……. I have actually never driven the entire coastal route of Cali to the northern terminus, so no time, like the present. Hope all is well with you Eileen & so glad you stopped by แƒ“


  2. Wishing you safe travels. And if you are driving or the passenger – stop every two hours to stretch! That’s one of the things the doc recommended if we go on an extended road trip again. ๐Ÿ˜€

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  3. I drove there once. I also remember great hot spring spas one could visit. Ahhhh… Don’t know if I will ever travel to CA again; so thank you for your recent vistas.


  4. Beautiful! Finally some fun! That’s the last place we went on March 1, 2020 before all this mess started! Enjoy! We’re looking forward to travel in 3 weeks. Whew.


  5. It looks so vast, as far as the eye can see. Amazing how we’ve managed to pollute it so badly. I will never tire of seeing the ocean. It seems magical, like a mirage. Like how could there be this much water? Is that silly or do you ever wonder that too? ๐Ÿ’›xK


  6. What blue and what a coastline. So glad you can travel about more now. In 1999 we did a coast coach trip from San Francisco to Monterey Bay. We saw sea otters which was amazing. Long time ago and haven’t been back….


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