Convocation of Cardinals~

Of the red-capped woodpecker kind,

is happening at The Holler.

Normally intensely shy and skittish,

they have decided it’s time,

to show their best profiles,

and pose for portraits.

I am most happy to oblige,

even though one stuck his tongue out at me.

Cheers to you from your foto-friendly-feathered-friends~

183 thoughts on “Convocation of Cardinals~

  1. I find it hilarious when photographers capture woodpeckers with their tongues sticking out! 😆 Acorn Woodpeckers are very handsome but they’re my least favorite woodpeckers because the holes they drill trigger my trypophobia. I wish I were joking. LOL!

    1. Aren’t they amazing! They have never let me get close to them. And all of a sudden, they are posing for me like models and huddling together in groups! დ

  2. Those are wonderful portraits of these birds, Cindy. I’ve heard that different groups of these woodpeckers engage in battles for supremacy when the main breeders in a group pass on and leave a vacancy. Apparently it can be quite dramatic. But they are attractive birds!

    1. Wow. This I didn’t know. Thank you for the factoids. Birds are complicated, intelligent, and they plan and plot, and are gorgeous too! Woodpeckers know where they hide 1000+ acorns. I have to think to find my parking spot დ

  3. These are stunning photographs of really beautiful birds. How wonderful that you could get such clear shots of them – so many too!

  4. SatyaPriya

    Glorious photos. We don’t have woodpeckers in Australia, but I did see some Gang-gang cockatoos the other day. The male has a red face.

    1. I think birds have an eerie sort of intelligence. Woodpeckers remember where they hide thousands of acorns and move them from hole to hole as they shrink. დ

  5. It is hard to tell which photo is the most beautiful picture, Cindy. But I love the first two photos of this lovely bird congregation. The two cardinals look like real love birds to me. Best wishes! Peter

  6. GREAT photos. We have three kinds of woodpeckers here – Red-bellied, Hairy and Downy. One of the Redbellies likes to peck on our downspout in the morning – it’s like a jackhammer.

  7. I’ve got two or three different kinds that frequent my feeders. And have also left coded dots of messages in many of my trees!! 😀

  8. HaHa, these are gorgeous, Cindy! The one with his tongue sticking out looks like he’s pretty intent on something. And you’ve gotta love those red beanies on their heads!

  9. I was a trifle confused by the title at first, but you’re right–they do have red caps like catholic cardinals!! Beautiful portraits of these birds, even the one who is sticking out his tongue. Perhaps he needs to write, “I will never stick out my tongue at Cindy again” 100 times!!

  10. Love the tongue shot. We have a number of acorn woodpeckers that hang out here, helping themselves to sunflower seeds from our bird feeder and hanging out at the spa (bird bath). Very attractive birds and dominant. Even the scrub and Steller jays get out of the way. No one wants to argue with a beak that can poke holes in trees. 🙂 –Curt

    1. Laughing. Woodpeckers can peck with a force of 1200-1400 g’s! Helmet designers study their skulls since human can get concussions at a measly 100 g’s. Don’t mess with Woody!! დ

  11. Isn’t that just amazing? I know, that they know, that you are photographing them…..maybe it’s the wonder and delight you may be feeling and sensing this, they respond “me, me, look at me….okay, here’s my coy, serious, carefree, etc., look” …. 🙂 as always, delightful photography!

    1. Laughing…… They certainly do have heeps of personality and natural acting ability don’t they!!! Your kind comments made me smile Liza. Thank you! დ

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