Female Grosbeak~

Holler birds are out in record number this year!

We have a mated pair of Black Headed Grosbeaks (and a pair of Blue Grosbeaks!).

This is the black head female, who seemed most pleased with the treats we have on offer,

at least judging by the quantity she wolfs down daily.

You can see whole sunflower seeds with shells in her beak!

She must be expecting and eating for two, or four, or so.

Cheers to you from the very hungry grosbeak~

146 thoughts on “Female Grosbeak~

  1. Such delicate colouring. We have Streaky-headed Seedeaters with a similar colouring, yet their beaks are not nearly as robust as your Grosbeak. You have captured great beauty in their apparent ‘plainness’ which is lovely to see.

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    • They are interesting because they appear to be finches, but their beaks take up the whole front of their face, which is very different. I think Black Headed Grosbeaks are in the Cardinal family, which is just another bird oddity დ

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  2. great pictures Cindy .. I know the Grosbeaks I got to know this past winter loved sunflower seeds. There was one female that would patiently wait for me to fill the one feeder she liked, she barely waited for me to move away before she would swoop in. =^_^=

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  3. Hello Cindy! I hope you are well, and stay save! Your photos are wonderful as always. Unbelievable how much different birds there are. Thank you for sharing, and before i will forget: Happy Mother’s Day! I hope you are celebrationg, and wish you a beautiful upcoming week! Michael

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  4. We had a robin to nest in one of our downspouts, and I noticed on Sunday when she spooked from her nest that her crop of very hungry babies had their necks stretched skyward. And yes, I congratulated her on her brood and wished her a happy Mother’s Day!


  5. We are watching all the bird houses and the activity. One of our front porch hanging baskets is home to a bird’s nest with 5 eggs. The mother is very protective, We normally sit in the front porch rocking chairs but now have to be careful not to disturb the birds. And the snakes…Mother Nature certainly entertains. I love your photos as always, Cindy. Be well. oxox


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