People Watchers~

Orioles are dedicated people watchers.

It is more than an hobby for them.

It’s a lifestyle.

They never seem to take their eyes off you!

I wonder,

what they actually think of us.

I don’t speak oriole,

but I suspect,

they’re not overly impressed.

Cheers to you from the people watching orioles~

227 thoughts on “People Watchers~

    • Yes. Shy. But getting closer and closer to me which is amazing. I really have not been home this long, ever, since I have lived at The Holler, and we do have 515, and increasing bird species. Not to get closer to some of them დ

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  1. I genuinely love your subject matter (usually birds), the accuracy of your photographs, and your offbeat commentary I do offbeat as you know.
    And orioles are bloody amazingly pretty. We get them in the UK occasionally, after a big wind.
    Me? Pied wagtail fan. Best bird in the world, and I’ve seen a few. Tiny, ridiculous, badly coordinated, can’t fly too well, silly plumage, mime artiste makeup. Bloody irresistible.. They move my soul.

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    • I can’t even believe I’m hearing from you! Makes me so happy. I knew orioles were in the UK, rarely. Love the big wind explanation. Mostly, though I have been thinking, a lot lately, about the Indian Ring Necked Parrots in London (and other places in the UK). I want to photograph them in London. I don’t understand how they survive English winter, except parrots are very smart creatures, that’s why they can learn to speak both Britishisms and Californiaisms. So great to hear from you. I hope you are well დ


      • I ain’t well, but I’m still breathing. Yes, the parakeets are still here and thriving. No reason they shouldn’t, it can get bloody cold (and wet) in the Tropics.
        If you ever hit the UK, lemme know. I’ll find a way to meet up. We’ve been Friends a long time.

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        • Yes, we are friends for a long time now, Duncan. We are different, but understand each other, which is pretty unique and wonderful. Sending you love and friendship დ


    • Yes! Exactly! Sunshine-coloured- souls. What a accurately beautiful descriptor. I am happy you have them. They are very shy birds, like many birds whose glorious coloring makes them stand out. დ

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    • Birds are super adept at living amongst, perching and nesting on thorns, even cactus. They can perch harmlessly on them, while many predators are intimidated by them დ


      • That’s good to know, Cindy. I don’t think I ever really thought about it until I saw your photos. So many bird pics show them on branches or other solid perches. On the subject of birds, a house wren built her next on a closed stack of drapes on our deck. She came and left within a day and I feared the worst. Then I read that they make several nests before choosing one. A week later she was back adding twigs, then gone again. Today she’s back! What a tease. Serioulsy though, its wonderful having her finally choose the nest on our deck. We’re refraining from setting up the deck furniture until she’s nested and the babies fledge.


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