Critter Close Ups~

Pensive Vervet Kruger National Park.

South African zebra Poses for her portrait.

Happy ostrich is ready for a close up,

while artfully made up Ms. Giraffe puts on the glam.

Barbary Ape in Gibraltar looks ready for a serious conversation.

Magellanic penguin stares me down in Ushuaia, Argentina.

California Channel Island Fox poses quite smartly,

while a elephant seal pup in California spins happily in the sea.

Bald Eagle in British Columbia Canada looks at me judgmentally.

Cheers to you from your portrait perfect friends ~

274 thoughts on “Critter Close Ups~

    • And if you met him and his friends, you would love them even more. If you sit quietly and are patient, these little foxes become curious about you, and approach more closely to check you out. So delightful დ


  1. I love seeing these closeups, Cindy, though I can do without the monkeys and apes, ha! Just not my favorites, but that giraffe, fox, eagle, and ostrich are stunning — and look very happy that someone wanted their portraits!

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  2. Hi Cindy,

    I find it impossible not to wonder what animals are thinking when I see portraits like these. And the critters in your pics do seem to be thinking, especially the vervet monkey at the top.


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  4. I’ve never actually looked closely at animal faces like this and the shape of eyes and whether they are close together or far apart at either side of the head, Or the colours, the ape’s eyes are blue and I like the yellow surrounds of the eagles eye. Fascinating. Magnificent photos as always Cindy, Happy New Year to you for 2021.


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