Holler Still Life~

David Austin Roses were my centerpiece for Thanksgiving. (Click to enlarge.)

Same bouquet photographed with flash.

Holler roses are still blooming!

Mixed Thanksgiving bouquet.

They show more color with flash.

Koko Loko roses are thriving now at The Holler. They bloom cocoa colored and turn pale lavender.

Star of Holland Amaryllis are early, which is a first, because I was home to plant them.

Narcissus are also early due to surprise rain.

Cheers to you from The Holler in winter~

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  1. EGADS!!! Cindy, thank you for this spectacular, rich, and wonderful feast of flowers.
    As I said to someone else recently…For me? You shouldn’t have! ❦❦❦

  2. I’m so envious that you have roses blooming in your neck of the woods! So beautiful, not only in themselves, but because of all the summery things they represent. The Koko Loko reminds me of a rose I once bought, but with a different name. I thought I was buying an orangey red Tropicana but when it bloomed it was the colour of your Koko Loko (and yes, it went lavender at the end of its bloom). I loved that rose, and since it was obviously mislabeled I had to make up a name for it. I called it Coffee with Cream. Wonderful to see its cousin on your blog post!

  3. Timothy Price

    Old fashioned roses are not my favorite, but we have several David Austin rose bushes. Of all the rose bushes we have lost due to drought, cold winters, and late frosts, we have never lost a David Austin bush. All out David Austins are big and thriving buses. They are amazingly hardy bushes. Beautiful photos.

  4. Wonderful 💕 We created two borders of David Austin roses when we married. Over the years we had to replenish and add ( the winters were too cold, the summers too hot, and the bugs too eager) until we finally let them go. In their heyday they were fabulous, and the scents so divine. What a joy to pick a bunch and bring them into the house. Thank you for the memories! What are your favorites?

    1. Your roses must have been so beautiful! Sorry you had to let them go. I love the Juliets, the Koko Lokos, and all the lavenders….. I am going to plant another row in early spring, sticking with the David Austins. დ

    1. I get confused about what to post.
      I guess I think the stuff I see everyday is not exotic enough, which is stupid isn’t it.
      I remember being in Africa, stunned out of my gourd with the crocodiles, and a local Afrikaner lady telling me, “They are quite common.”
      “Not to me,” I told her.
      So maybe having my wings clipped for what will most likely be more than a year, will force me to focus more closely at home.
      Makes me happy that you like these Eliza.
      I have always loved gardening.
      My best garden was in my prior home.
      The Holler is a tougher place for growing, much bigger and harsher, but I am learning to help it grow.
      My grandfather taught me to garden. He was a Master.
      My daughter is gardening now too.
      Makes me happy.
      Love to you Eliza & thank you დ დ

    1. A person who sees peace in flowers is my friend. Thank you for seeing this & for telling me. Cheers to you Manuel Angel. I love your name. My maternal grandparents last name was Angell დ

  5. Wow I really love the David Austin roses! Very unusual and beautiful to me, and to me without flash they are even more beautiful. But I love all the others as well. The Narcissus look really sweet. Cheers to you, Cindy.

    1. Ah, thank you Halim. The David Austin’s have such subtle, soft beauty. I agree with you. Although the flash brightens them up, regular indoor light showcases their subtle beauty. დ

    1. Happy you enjoyed them & thank you. I will never forget the summer blooms in Alaska. The flowers bloom with all this pent up joy. The endless sun and rich soil helps I’m sure. So beautiful! დ

  6. Wow! Cindy, these are stunning, such breathtaking beauty in the flowers! What an incredible centrepiece for your Thanksgiving and I hope you have a most special and peaceful celebration. 🙏 As an aside, when visiting David Austin roses, we happened to spot the man himself! My father in law recognised him and was all set up to go and have a chat whilst my husband and I were far too shy! 😀

  7. Herzlichen Dank meine Freundin für dieses wunderschöne Blumenfest. Bei uns in der Schweiz ist der Winter eingezogen, die letzten Astern- und Hundsrose Blüten draussen im Garten sind gegangen, um sich für die neu kommende Blütenzeit vorzubereiten.
    Ich wünsche dir einen schönen ersten Advent. Ernst

  8. Again, I can’t decide which ones are my favourite – the orange/cream ones or the pinky/red white ones. Beautiful anyway. Your gorgeous photos bring a lot of life and colour to a rather grey, locked down November here in Scotland.

  9. All is grey and brown in our Boston-area garden after a day of (much-needed) rain. As usual your photographs are STUNNINGLY beautiful — and the comments they elicit are terrific, too… stories about dancing opossums and hungry gophers and close encounters with rose-breeders and Peter-Pan-led future trips to Giverny! Thank you for sharing these wonderful flowers with the rest of us.

      1. George put one of our plants outside on the balcony and nearly killed it, I don’t know the name of it, I hope it recovers. I bought a little Christmas Tree in a pot with soil intending to put it out on the balcony but it looks good indoors I just have to remember to keep watering it more.
        Best wishes, Charlotte

        1. Best of luck in both cases. I plant my Christmas trees, and now I have a bank of Christmas Trees at The Holler that I have no heart to cut down. We’ll have a mini pine forest in the semi-desert! დ

  10. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving celebrations, Cindy! Surrounded by these amazing flower bouquets -You are definitely a great photographer too – i am sure it was. Have a beautiful rest of the week, and enjoy your paradise. Michael

  11. Wow! I wish I had come to your house for Thanksgiving… 😉 We made Hungarian Goulash for a change and I attempted to do some food photography but it looked like the dog’s dinner!

    1. Laughing….My grandmother used to make it. It tastes wonderful, but doesn’t photograph too well. I am actually a bit suspicious of picture perfect food. Looks great, tastes meh….. 😉 😉

  12. Amazing array of beauties, Cindy! We still have two roses in the garden that have not given in to the frost. Thankful for the sun and 8° today. 🙂


    Que l’année nouvelle soit comme une caresse
    Illuminée par les sourires de ceux que vous aimez
    Que leur gentillesse vous couvre de tendresse
    Année de joie et de plaisirs chaque jour partagés

    Bisous Bernard

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