Critter Close Ups~

Pensive Vervet Kruger National Park.

South African zebra Poses for her portrait.

Happy ostrich is ready for a close up,

while artfully made up Ms. Giraffe puts on the glam.

Barbary Ape in Gibraltar looks ready for a serious conversation.

Magellanic penguin stares me down in Ushuaia, Argentina.

California Channel Island Fox poses quite smartly,

while a elephant seal pup in California spins happily in the sea.

Bald Eagle in British Columbia Canada looks at me judgmentally.

Cheers to you from your portrait perfect friends ~

274 thoughts on “Critter Close Ups~

  1. The closeups of their faces really add another element to the post. It’s not just photos of animals anymore; it’s personalities and whatever else we can read into facial expressions. Very good. I like the ostrich closeup especially.

        1. The bald eagle objected once more, “I’m not bald and I have regal, dignified eating manner! You have either too poor an eyesight or confused me with the vulture!”

          SoundEagle proceeded to smooth the bald eagle’s ruffled feather and reassured it with the following wise words:

          Forgive the naked humans, for they know not what they are doing to us nonhumans and our habitats. I have had to even defend us vigorously about our ability to make art and music at

          Furthermore, I have had to reassure the naked humans with the following ditty:

          Here come SoundEagle’s talons
          To greet your creative talents
          No need at all to be wary
          When you visit SoundEagle’s eyrie

    1. So lucky you! My favorite places on this planet are three continents that start with the letter a, Antarctica, Africa and Australia. After our second trip to Africa, we started talking about moving to this charming community near the crocodile bridge gate into Kruger. I could drive into the park several times a week. It would be heaven for me, as I know it is for you แƒ“ แƒ“

      1. Oh YES it would be! One of my brothers lives near enough to visit Kruger at least twice a month – and he is never disappointed by what he sees!

  2. wieder so schรถne Bilder, liebe Cindy, danke dafรผr, ich wรผnsche einen besinnlichen 2. Advent, herzliche GrรผรŸe aus dem recht kalten Norden, Klaus

  3. Makeup applied correctly. Fresh from the beauty salon. Some a bit sophisticated. Others with a playful grin.
    So different from the grimaces and furrowed brows we see on humans today. I miss the smiles and laughter. Hoping for better days to come.
    But your blog has always brought us pleasure.

    1. I am super impressed with the zebra and giraffe make up artists, full of joy, creativity and beauty, and totally missing any frown lines!! I share your hope for better, kinder, days ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. Thank you Martina. Those foxes are absolutely wonderful. They only live on The Channel Islands and if you are very patient, they will approach you for a closer look. Priceless แƒ“

  4. Fabulous photos, as always. I saw a bald eagle being chased by a hawk the other day flying over the highway. I nearly hit the car in front of me I was so inthralled by the show they were putting on. The bald eagle could care less about the hawk and clearly seemed to be putting on a show for the drivers. So gorgeous and majestic.

    1. Wow! I would love to see that and so relate to taking my eyes off the road to watch birds. I can imagine my defense after the rear-ending, “Did you take your eyes off the road Ma’am?”
      “Well of course I did. There was a peregrine falcon in the air.”

  5. These are great, Cindy! You really capture the ‘personality’ of the animals. I immediately carried my laptop over to Peggy so she could check out your post. You should have heard the laughter. ๐Ÿ™‚ โ€“Curt

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      1. It probably would. All the best sci-fi stories of alien bugs have a praying mantis as the evil queen. “Human flesh, too salty for my taste. I do like them when they’re young, though.”

  7. Clever captioning and delightful images Cindy. They really do seem to portray emotions. The ostrich and seal pup are adorable and the eagle very intense! Thanks for the smiles! ๐Ÿ˜Š ๐Ÿฆ„

    1. And if you met him and his friends, you would love them even more. If you sit quietly and are patient, these little foxes become curious about you, and approach more closely to check you out. So delightful แƒ“

  8. Oh my goodness, these are such great portraits, Cindy! I’ve always wanted to be a portrait artist (of humans) and these reminds me of the painted portraits of some of my favorite artists. ๐Ÿ˜

  9. I love seeing these closeups, Cindy, though I can do without the monkeys and apes, ha! Just not my favorites, but that giraffe, fox, eagle, and ostrich are stunning — and look very happy that someone wanted their portraits!

  10. These are so amazing, Cindy! I kept scrolling through to decide which one I liked the best, but I like them all too much to play favorites! Love your comments, too!

      1. Mbili Freedom

        But again, we should look into certain factors why that happens. South Africa is a country that has inequality in almost everything, the less priviledge cannot afford such a luxury- going to Kruger National park is close to impossible.

          1. Mbili Freedom

            It’s nothing parsonal u don’t have to apologize, Cindy. But Kruger National Park is super beautiful. My dream destination n the Disneyland

  11. Hi Cindy,

    I find it impossible not to wonder what animals are thinking when I see portraits like these. And the critters in your pics do seem to be thinking, especially the vervet monkey at the top.

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  13. Iโ€™ve never actually looked closely at animal faces like this and the shape of eyes and whether they are close together or far apart at either side of the head, Or the colours, the apeโ€™s eyes are blue and I like the yellow surrounds of the eagles eye. Fascinating. Magnificent photos as always Cindy, Happy New Year to you for 2021.

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